thanks for the goods words, yes the forum is down since last October and the forum's owner didn't even answer why it happened. Luckily I have all the info regarding the necessary hardware for DiSEqC audio software since the schematics have been developed by me. I think if I have a free time I put the info into my current website. For the moment there are two hardware solutions, the first one is more simple while the second is more reliable (kindly see attachments). Also there is a project intended for generating DiSEqC-messages (2 independent channels) using a device connected via USB, but I have not finished this project, there's a beta-version only (hw prototype + sw). And finally there is 4th variant - a project of my friend Ron (http://www.fibo-box.com/diseqc.html), but unfortunately it is still in development stage as noted at his website. P.S. Sorry for delayed response. Best regards, Juras.