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Index of /library/Biology/Agrobacterium/

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2008-05-29-bioreactors.zip 6M17-Jul-2011 13:30
Agrobacterium-mediated transformation of plants_ Patents Overview_ Tech Discussion_ 2003.pdf 3M22-Jul-2011 10:40
An improved method for preparing Agrobacterium cells that simplifies the Arabidopsis transformation protocol_ Logeman..> 743K22-Jul-2011 10:54
Bioreactor Technology for Plant Micropropagation_ Meira Ziv_ 1999.pdf 200K14-Jul-2011 07:58
Mist reactors_ principles comparison of various systems and case studies_ WeathersFinalHR-07- 325K14-Jul-2011 07:00
Plants from test tubes_ an introduction to micropropagation_ Lydiane Kyte_ John G Kleyn_ 1996.epub 2M21-Jul-2011 14:38
Production of Tetrahydrocannabinol by Transgenic Cultured Cells_ Fuoshi Taura_ NISR 2004.pdf 102K11-Apr-2014 03:09
Protocol_ Flower-dip Transformation of Arabidopsis_ Harvard_IGEM.mht 4M22-Jul-2011 10:59
Secondary Metabolism of Hairy Root Cultures in Bioreactors_ 2002_ Kim_inVitro.pdf 112K14-Jul-2011 05:03
Silwet L-77 surfactant.pdf 16K22-Jul-2011 10:57
YEB medium for Agrobacterium.txt 26422-Jul-2011 10:56

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