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A Permalloy + NiZn Ferrite Moldable Magnetic Composite for Heterogeneous Integration of Power Electronics_ Chao Ding_ Yunh..>4.3 MiB2019-Nov-14 16:00
Digging Dirt on Inductors_ Experiments with Custom Magnetics Made from Black Sand_ H P Friedrichs AC7ZL_ 2020.pdf16.0 MiB2020-Sep-13 21:52
Microwave Phase Shift Using Ferrite-Filled Waveguides Below Cutoff_ Charles R Boyd Jr_ 1997.pdf73.1 KiB2019-Nov-05 11:36
Preparation and Characterization of Nickel ferrite Nanoparticles via Co-precipitation Method_ S Sagadevan_ Z Z Chowdhury_ ..>1.7 MiB2019-Nov-05 14:04
Wet Chemical Co-precipitation Synthesis of Nickel Ferrite Nanoparticles and Their Characterization_ M B Tahir_ T Iqbal_ A ..>1.3 MiB2019-Nov-11 11:11

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