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A new metal-dielectric cathode with long lifetime_ P Wu_ J Sun_ G Liu_ Z Yang_ S Huo_ W Liu_ 2017.pdf1.2 MiB2017-Sep-02 10:26
An Introduction to Explosive Magnetic Flux CompressionGenerators_ C M Fowler_ R S Caird_ W B Garn_ LA-5890-MS_ 1975.pdf2.2 MiB2019-Oct-30 06:42
Completely Explosive Autonomous High-Voltage Pulsed-Power System Based on Shockwave Ferromagnetic Primary Power Source and..>599.7 KiB2014-Dec-08 09:07
Development of Small Tapered Stator Helical Magnetic Flux Compression Generators_ B L Freeman_ L L Altgilbers_ 2003.pdf1.3 MiB2011-Jul-13 11:28
Dynamical Process of Liner Implosion in the Electromagnetic Flux Compression for Ultra-high Magnetic Fields_ arxiv13091038..>3.0 MiB2013-Sep-09 11:45
Evaluating the Limits of Shock Wave Magnetic Flux Compression in Solids_ Kolosenok_ 2003.pdf478.6 KiB2011-Jul-13 11:34
Explosive Shocks and Impedance Mismatch in Armatures_ J Bair_ 2003.pdf871.6 KiB2011-Jul-13 11:31
Helical MFCG for Driving a High Inductance Load_ A A Neuber_ J-C Hernandez_ 2003.pdf508.2 KiB2011-Jul-13 11:30
Inductance Calculations For Helical Magnetocumulative Generators_ G R Turner_ 2003.pdf304.4 KiB2011-Jul-13 11:32
Losses in Magnetic Flux Compression Generators_ Linear Diffusion_ C M Fowler_ L L Altgilbers_ 2003.pdf619.9 KiB2011-Jul-13 11:40
Magnetic Flux Compression Generators_ a Tutorial and Survey_ C M Fowler_ L L Altgilbers_ 2003.pdf7.1 MiB2011-Jul-13 11:25
Megagauss Magnetic Field Generation_ Its Application To Science And Ultra-High Pulsed-Power Technology_ Hans J Schneider-M..>45.3 MiB2011-Jul-09 04:00
Physical Modeling of Magneto Hydrodynamic Explosive Muntion and Detonation Control_ Yun Lei Shi_ Shao Jie Ma_ He Zhang_ Li..>307.6 KiB2015-Dec-04 05:19
Powering the Coaxial Single-Turn Seed Coil of a Magnetocumulative Generator_ S I Shkuratov_ E F Talantsev_ 2003.pdf1.7 MiB2011-Jul-13 11:42
Practical Considerations in Helical Flux-Compression Generator Design_ B M Novac_ I R Smith_ 2003.pdf151.4 KiB2011-Jul-13 11:44
Precise Measurement of a Magnetic Field Generated by the Electromagnetic Flux Compression Technique_ arxiv13012755.pdf828.5 KiB2013-Sep-09 11:47
Recent Advances in Explosive Pulsed Power_ L L Altgilbers_ 2003.pdf5.7 MiB2011-Jul-13 11:46
Similarities and Differences between Small FCGs and Larger FCGs_ B L Freeman_ L L Altgilbers_ C M Fowler_ A D Luginbill_ 2..>832.3 KiB2011-Jul-13 11:43

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