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A Compact Inductive Type Pulse Generator Using Diodes as Opening Switch_ B D Min_ 2005.pdf 92K13-Jul-2011 00:34
A microchannel plate image-intensifier gating circuit capable of pulse widths from 30ns to 10us_ S T Ward_ R J Baker_..> 150K12-Jul-2011 21:18
BA682-diode.pdf 59K12-Feb-2015 23:35
Design and Implementation of Full Solid State High Voltage Nanosecond Pulse Generators_ Tao Tang_ 2008.pdf 12M12-Jul-2011 23:29
Designing nanosecond high voltage pulse generators using power MOSFETs_ R J Baker_ S T Ward_ eleclett_sept_1994.pdf 145K12-Jul-2011 21:19
Drift Step Recovery Devices Utilization for Electromagnetic Pulse Radiation_ V Prokhorenko_ V Ivashchuk_ S Korsun_ 20..> 889K12-Jul-2011 20:57
Harmonic Generation Using Step Recovery Diodes and SRD Modules_ HP Application Note 920.pdf 9M12-Jul-2011 21:40
High Power Sub-nanosecond Generator for UWB Radar_ V P Prokhorenko_ A A Borssenko_ 2002.pdf 125K13-Jul-2011 11:01
High voltage pulse generation using current mode second breakdown in a bipolar junction transistor_ R J Baker_ RSI_62..> 829K12-Jul-2011 21:22
MUR420-460.pdf 68K25-Oct-2011 15:00
Michael J Chudobiak - The Theory of Drift Step Recovery Diodes_ DRSD.mht 237K12-Jul-2011 22:05
Microwave Harmonic Generation and Nanosecond Pulse Generation with the Step-Recovery Diode_ 1964.pdf 2M12-Jul-2011 21:37
Nanosecond Pulse Generator Using Diode Opening Switch for Cell Electroperturbation Studies_ 2005.pdf 292K12-Jul-2011 23:04
New Concepts for Solid State Microwave Generators_ 1962.pdf 940K12-Jul-2011 21:47
New Solid State Opening Switches for Repetitive Pulsed Power Technology- SK Lyubutin_ GA Mesyats_ SN Rukin_ BG Slovik..> 142K12-Jul-2011 21:11
Pulse Generators_ chapter5.pdf 92K12-Jul-2011 22:12
Pulse and Waveform Generation with Step Recovery Diodes_ HP Application Note 918.pdf 3M12-Jul-2011 21:39
Solid-state High Voltage Nanosecond Pulse Generator_ Tao Tang_ Maartin Gunderson_ Fei Wang_ Andras Kithi.pdf 53K12-Jul-2011 23:31
Step-recovery diodes sharpen pulses_ R J Baker_ EDN_ 1990.pdf 230K12-Jul-2011 21:22
Stretch Meat Grinder_ a Novel Circuit Topology for Reducing Opening Switch Voltage Stress_ Alex Sitzmann_ 2005.pdf 184K13-Jul-2011 00:07
Time domain operation of the TRAPATT diode for picosecond-kilovolt pulse generation_ R J Baker_ RSI_10_1994.pdf 217K12-Jul-2011 21:20
VMI_ K100UF datasheet_ p123-p124 k25-100uf.pdf 41K12-Jul-2011 23:25
dsrd.txt 13K13-Jul-2011 00:46

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