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First Observation of Time Variation in the Solar-Disk Gamma-Ray Flux with Fermi_ arxiv150806276v1.pdf 13708-Sep-2015 12:00
A Method for Data-Driven Simulations of Evolving Solar Active Regions_ arxiv12082954v1.pdf 636K14-Jan-2013 15:43
A Physical Explanation on Solar Microwave Zebra Pattern with the Current-carrying Plasma Loop Model_ Baolin Tan_ arxi..> 310K16-Mar-2013 00:11
A Poynting-Robertson-like drag at the Sun’s surface_ arxiv161200873v1.pdf 4M05-Feb-2017 12:20
A Standard Law for the Equatorward Drift of the Sunspot Zones_ D H Hathaway_ 2011.pdf 732K05-Dec-2011 13:24
A Study of Fast Flareless Coronal Mass Ejections_ arxiv13070166v1.pdf 3M02-Jul-2013 03:31
A bright impulsive solar burst detected at 30 THz_ arxiv13035894v1.pdf 4M29-Mar-2013 14:40
A decade of solar Type III radio bursts observed by the Nancay Radioheliograph 1998-2008_ arxiv12113474.pdf 1M27-Feb-2013 06:35
A solar tornado observed by AIA SDO_ Rotational flow and evolution of magnetic helicity in a prominence and cavity_ a..> 638K25-Mar-2013 08:30
A universal model for solar eruptions_ P F Wyper_ S K Antiochos_ C R DeVore_ Nature 2017.pdf 4M08-Jun-2017 03:17
Acceleration_ magnetic fluctuations and cross-field transport of energetic electrons in a solar flare loop_ EP Kontar..> 234K16-Aug-2011 04:36
Allen Telescope Array Multi-frequency Observations of the Sun_ P Saint-Hilaire_ GJ Hurford_ G Keating_ GC Bower_ C Gu..> 979K30-Dec-2011 05:45
An Intriguing Solar Microflare Observed with RHESSI_ Hinode and TRACE_ I G Hannah_ S Krucker_ H S Hudson_ S Christe_ ..> 145K16-Aug-2011 04:29
An Observational Overview of Solar Flares_ L Fletcher et al_ 2012.pdf 4M30-Nov-2012 03:19
An Observational Overview of Solar Flares_ L Fletcher_ B R Dennis_ H S Hudson_ S Krucker_ K Phillips_ A Veronig_ M Ba..> 3M30-Sep-2011 07:33
An analysis of solar radio burst events on December 1, 2004_ Jing Huang_ Yihua Yan_ Yuying Liu_ 2007.pdf 355K06-Mar-2013 16:43
Anti-parallel EUV flows observed along active region filament threads with HI-C_ arxiv13065194v1.pdf 574K03-Jul-2013 04:04
Apparent Solar Tornado-Like Prominences_ arxiv13072303v1.pdf 12M18-Jul-2013 11:19
Assessing the Behavior of Modern Solar Magnetographs and Spectropolarimeters_ arxiv12054845.pdf 266K24-May-2012 23:54
Asymmetric Solar Polar Field Reversals_ Leif Svalgaard_ ApJ88587_ 2012.pdf 3M13-Nov-2012 14:14
Asymmetric Solar Polar Field Reversals_ Leif Svalgaard_ Yohsuke Kamide_ 2012.pdf 5M13-Nov-2012 13:46
Basics of the solar wind_ Nicole Meyer-Vernet_ 2007.pdf 6M08-Jul-2014 03:50
Bright 30 THz Impulsive Solar Bursts_ arxiv150506177v1.pdf 274K05-Jun-2015 13:14
Broadband microwave burst produced by electron beams_ arxiv07122584.pdf 450K05-Apr-2013 16:57
Build a Sun Funnel for Group Viewing of Sunspots_ R T Fienberg_ C Bueter_ L A Mayo_ 2011.pdf 2M18-Mar-2012 02:27
Calibrating 100 Years of Polar Faculae Measurements_ Implications for the Evolution of the Heliospheric Magnetic Fiel..> 6M11-Feb-2013 13:12
Can we Determine Electric Fields and Poynting Fluxes from Vector Magnetograms and Doppler Measurements_ arxiv11014086..> 708K14-Jan-2013 14:22
Chirality and Magnetic Configurations of Solar Filaments_ arxiv161201054v1.pdf 404K19-Jan-2017 04:12
Chromospheric Alfvenic Waves Strong Enough to Power the Solar Wind_ B De Pontieu et al_ 2007.pdf 425K26-Mar-2013 09:09
Chromospheric Sunspot Oscillations in Hα and Ca II 8542 Å_ R A Maurya_ J Chae_ H Park_ H Yang_ D Song_ K Cho_ Solar..> 1M26-Apr-2013 09:11
Comparison of Interstellar Boundary Explorer Observations with 3-D Global Heliospheric Models_ Schwadron et al_ 200..> 393K28-Aug-2011 15:51
Constraining the hard X-ray properties of the quiet Sun with new RHESSI observations_ I G Hannah_ H S Hudson_ G J Hur..> 202K16-Aug-2011 04:15
Convection and Substorms_ Paradigms of Magnetospheric Phenomenology_ Charles F Kennel_ 1996.pdf 27M12-Aug-2011 21:15
Convective motions and net circular polarization in sunspot penumbrae_ J M Borrero_ S K Solanki_ TheAstrophysicalJour..> 1M27-Oct-2011 13:34
Coronal Holes and Open Magnetic Flux over Cycles 23 and 24_ arxiv161207595.pdf 5M27-Dec-2016 09:03
Coronal Magnetic Field Measurement from EUV Images made by the Solar Dynamics Observatory_ Nat Gopalswamy_ Nariaki Ni..> 1001K17-Sep-2011 04:19
Coronal Magnetometry_ A Feasibility Study_ Judge et al_ 2001.pdf 2M02-Jun-2012 22:21
Coronal Magnetometry_ ncar_tech_note_ 2001.pdf 2M31-Oct-2011 06:41
Coronal Mass Ejections_ An Introduction_ Timothy Howard_ 2011.pdf 6M12-Aug-2011 21:20
Coronal Solar Magnetism Observatory_ Prospectus for the Design, Construction, and Operation_ 2008.pdf 2M02-Jun-2012 22:18
Coupling from the Photosphere to the Chromosphere and the Corona_ S Wedemeyer-Bohm_ A Lagg_ A Nordlund_ 2008.pdf 4M23-Mar-2013 13:54
Cyclic Reversal of Magnetic Cloud Poloidal Field_ Y Li_ J G Luhmann_ B J Lynch_ E K J Kilpua_ 2011.pdf 1005K05-Dec-2011 13:40
Decades-Long Changes of the Interstellar Wind Through Our Solar_ P C Frisch et al_ Science 2013.pdf 222K07-Sep-2013 01:02
Decades-Long Changes of the Interstellar Wind Through Our Solar_ Supplementary_ P C Frisch et al_ Science 2013.pdf 702K06-Sep-2013 17:18
Decimetric Spike Bursts Versus Microwave Contiuum_ G D Fleishman_ D E Gary_ G M Nita_ 2003.pdf 447K05-Mar-2013 05:33
Decreasing Sunspot Magnetic Fields Explain Unique 10.7 cm Radio Flux_ W Livingston_ M J Penn_ L Svalgaard_ APJL 2012.pdf 448K27-Mar-2013 17:45
Deduction of Energy Spectra of Non Thermal Electrons in Flares from the Observed Dynamic Spectra of Hard X-Ray Bursts..> 191K17-Sep-2011 00:43
Deflection of Coronal Mass Ejection in the Interplanetary Medium_ Yuming Wang_ Chenglong Shen_ S Wang_ Pinzhong Ye_ 2..> 249K15-Jan-2013 11:39
Design and Ground Calibration of the Helioseismic and Magnetic Imager Instrument on the Solar Dynamics Observatory_ 2..> 1M07-Dec-2011 04:49
Detection Of Equatorward Meridional Flow And Evidence Of Double-Cell Meridional Circulation Inside The Sun_ J Zhao_ R..> 512K01-Jul-2015 16:40
Detection of Emerging Sunspot Regions in the Solar Interior_ Stathis Ilonidis_ Junwei Zhao_ Alexander Kosovichev_ Sci..> 506K18-Aug-2011 22:34
Detection of Equatorward Meridional Flow and Evidence of Double-Cell Meridional Circulation Inside the Sun_ Junwei Zh..> 512K03-Sep-2013 06:56
Detection of Equatorward Meridional Flow and Evidence of Double-Cell Meridional Circulation inside the Sun_ arxiv1307..> 356K06-Sep-2013 04:07
Direct Imaging by SDO AIA of Quasi-periodic Fast Propagating Waves of 2000 kms in the Low Solar Corona_ arxiv11063150..> 1M22-Jun-2011 06:41
Direct Observations of Interstellar H, He, and O by the Interstellar Boundary Explorer_ Moebius et al_ 2009.pdf 344K28-Aug-2011 11:22
Distribution Functions of Sizes and Fluxes Determined from Supra-arcade Downflows_ D E McKenzie_ S L Savage_ ApJ_ 20..> 133K14-Aug-2011 10:03
Disturbances in the US electric grid associated with geomagnetic activity_ arxiv13045489v1.pdf 139K23-Apr-2013 13:32
Dynamics of flare processes and variety of the fine structure of solar radio emission over a wide frequency range of ..> 4M03-Sep-2014 13:05
Dynamo Models of the Solar Cycle_ Paul Charbonneau_ lrsp 2005.pdf 5M03-Jul-2015 18:55
Electric Fields and Poynting Fluxes from Vector Magnetograms and Doppler Shifts_ George Fisher_ Brian Welsch_ Bill Ab..> 2M14-Jan-2013 14:24
Energy Conversion and Particle Acceleration in the Solar Corona_ Ludwig Klein_ 2003.djvu 35K11-Jul-2011 05:32
Energy Spectra, Composition, and Other Properties of Ground-Level Events During Solar Cycle 23_ R A Mewaldt et al_ 20..> 2M30-Nov-2012 02:56
Energy release from the magnetic reconnection diffusion region_ new cluster reults_ Baolin Tan.pdf 5M08-Mar-2013 02:17
Enhanced sources of acoustic power surrounding AR 11429_ arxiv13071329.pdf 5M09-Jul-2015 20:24
Estimates of Densities and Filling Factors from a Cooling Time Analysis of Solar Microflares Observed with RHESSI_ R ..> 628K15-Aug-2011 20:15
Estimating the frequency of extremely energetic solar events, based on solar, stellar, lunar, and terrestrial records..> 395K16-Dec-2012 13:17
Evolution of Magnetic Field and Energy in a Major Eruptive Active Region Based on SDO HMI Observation_ Xudong Sun_ J ..> 1M23-Jan-2012 10:12
Evolution of active and polar photospheric magnetic fields during the rise of Cycle 24 compared to previous cycles_ a..> 608K27-Jan-2013 23:11
Experimental Observation of Spatially Localized Dynamo Magnetic Fields_ B Gallet_ S Aumaitre_ J Boisson_ F Daviaud_ B..> 697K09-Apr-2012 21:51
Explanation of the sea-serpent magnetic structure of sunspot penumbrae_ I N Kitiashvili_ L R Bellot Rubio_ TheAstroph..> 295K27-Oct-2011 13:36
Extending F107s Time Resolution to Capture Solar Flare Phenomena_ Ariel O Acebal_ 2008.pdf 8M27-Feb-2013 04:59
Factors Affecting The Intensity of Solar Energetic Particle Events_ Nat Gopalswamy_ arxiv11092933.pdf 845K17-Sep-2011 04:03
Faculae at the poles of the Sun revisited_ infrared observations_ J Blanco Rodriguez_ F Kneer_ 2010.pdf 369K11-Feb-2013 13:00
First Light of the Near-Infrared Narrow-Band Tunable Birefringent Filter at Big Bear Solar Observatory_ Wenda Cao_ Kl..> 374K03-Dec-2011 21:54
First Observation of Time Variation in the Solar-Disk Gamma-Ray Flux with Fermi_ arxiv150806276v1.pdf 797K08-Sep-2015 04:58
First Simultaneous Observation of H-alpha Moreton Wave, EUV Wave, and Filament Prominence Oscillations_ arxiv11125915..> 530K30-Dec-2011 05:43
First Sunquake of Solar Cycle 24 Observed by Solar Dynamics Observatory_ AG Kosovichev_ arxiv11023954.pdf 344K01-Mar-2011 14:46
Flare SOL2012-07-06_ on the origin of the circular polarization reversal between 17 GHz and 34 GHz_ arxiv170906252.pdf 554K27-Oct-2017 06:37
Flare and CME Properties and Rates at Sunspot Minimum_ Hugh S Hudson_ Yan Li_ SolStellAstroPhys_2003.pdf 415K16-Aug-2011 04:21
Flare differentially rotates sunspot on Suns surface_arxiv161002969.pdf 1M14-Feb-2017 04:45
Flare-associated type III radio bursts and dynamics of the EUV jet from SDO AIA and RHESSI observations_ arxiv1304290..> 3M11-Apr-2013 10:31
Flaring Solar Hale Sector Boundaries_ Leif Svalgaard_ Iain G Hannah_ arXiv10102710.pdf 141K16-Aug-2011 04:32
Forecasting a CME by Spectroscopic Precursor_ D Baker_ L van Driel-Gesztelyi_ L M Green_ 2011.pdf 6M09-Dec-2011 06:22
Forward modeling of emission in SDO AIA passbands from dynamic 3D simulations_ Juan Martinez-Sykora_ Bart De Pontieu_..> 5M06-Sep-2011 04:50
Fundamentals of Solar Astronomy_ Arvind Bhatnagar_ William Livingston_ 2005.pdf 36M04-Jul-2011 20:29
G-band and Hard X-ray Emissions of the 2006 December 14 flare observed by Hinode SOT and RHESSI_ Kyoko Watanabe_ Sam ..> 1M16-Aug-2011 04:17
Generation of electric currents in the chromosphere via neutral-ion drag_ V Krasnoselskikh_ G Vekstein_ H S Hudson_ S..> 192K16-Aug-2011 04:07
Geoeffectiveness and efficiency of CIR, Sheath and ICME in generation of magnetic storms_ arxiv11091073.pdf 459K08-Sep-2011 23:53
Geomagnetic Semiannual Variation Is Not Overestimated and Is Not an Artifact of Systematic Solar Hemispheric Asymmetr..> 2M16-Aug-2011 05:28
Global Observations of the Interstellar Interaction from the Interstellar Boundary Explorer IBEX_ McComas et al_ 200..> 506K28-Aug-2011 15:51
Grad-Shafranov reconstruction of magnetic clouds_ overview and improvements_ arxiv11081678.pdf 901K12-Aug-2011 07:40
HMI_ first results_ Rebecca Centeno_ Steve Tomczyk1_ Juan Manuel Borrero_ Sebastien Couvidat_ Keiji Hayashi_ Todd Hoe..> 982K06-Oct-2011 09:15
Heliophysics gleaned from seismology_ arxiv12101114v1.pdf 349K13-Nov-2012 13:52
Heliophysics_ Evolving Solar Activity and the Climates of Space and Earth_ Carolus J Schrijver_ George L Siscoe_ 2010..> 13M05-Oct-2011 01:51
Heliophysics_ Space Storms and Radiation_ Causes and Effects_ Volume 2_ Carolus J Schrijver_ George L Siscoe_ 2010.pdf 10M12-Aug-2011 21:10
Helioseismology_ arxiv0207403.pdf 2M03-Jul-2015 18:22
High-Resolution Time Profiles of Fiber Bursts at 1420 and 2695 MHz_ P Zlobec_ M Karlicky_ Solar Phys 2014.pdf 671K15-Feb-2014 02:52
High-resolution spectro-polarimetry of a flaring sunspot penumbra_ arxiv09083803.pdf 5M24-Nov-2011 03:00
History of Solar Magnetic Fields since George Ellery Hale_ arxiv150803312.pdf 1M14-Aug-2015 13:32
How Local is the Local Interstellar Magnetic Field_ P C Frisch_ arxiv11113675.pdf 511K13-Nov-2012 07:20
Imaging Spectropolarimetry of Ti I 2231 nm in a Sunspot_ W LIVINGSTON_ M J PENN_ W D CAO_ S R WALTON_ G A CHAPMAN_ 20..> 212K31-Oct-2011 03:07
Imaging Spectroscopy of a White-Light Solar Flare_ JC Martinez Oliveros_ S Couvidat_ J Schou_ S Krucker_ C Lindsey_ H..> 340K15-Aug-2011 20:17
Imaging interplanetary CMEs at radio frequency from solar polar orbit_ Sun Weiying et al_ AdvSpaceRes 2011.pdf 1M16-Aug-2013 17:31
Imaging of the solar atmosphere by the Siberian Solar Radio Telescope at 5.7 GHz with an enhanced dynamic range_ arxi..> 898K09-Feb-2014 13:27
Impulsive phase flare energy transport by large-scale Alfven waves and the electron acceleration problem_ L Fletcher_..> 645K16-Aug-2011 04:26
Infrared Spectroscopy from San Fernando Observatory_ He I 1083 nm, O I 1316 nm, and Fe I 1565 nm_ M J Penn_ J A Ceja_..> 135K07-Dec-2011 03:42
Inter-network regions of the Sun at millimetre wavelengths_ S Wedemeyer-Bohm_ H G Ludwig_ M Steffen_ J Leenaarts_ B F..> 2M19-Mar-2013 08:36
Interchange Slip-Running Reconnection and Sweeping Solar Energetic Particle Beams_ arxiv11095678.pdf 2M27-Sep-2011 05:04
Interplanetary Origin of Intense, Superintense, and Extreme Geomagnetic Storms_ Walter D Gonzalez et al_ 2011.pdf 1M30-Nov-2012 03:25
Interplanetary magnetic structures guiding solar relativistic particles_ arxiv11106811v1.pdf 3M28-Jan-2012 10:42
Intro solar physics_ part1_ Sami K Solanki_ 2005.pdf 7M30-Oct-2011 16:27
Intro solar physics_ part2_ Sami K Solanki_ 2005.pdf 11M30-Oct-2011 18:21
Investigation of the Neupert effect in solar flares_ I_ Statistical properties and the evaporation model_ A Veronig e..> 731K10-Sep-2011 04:45
Investigations of small-scale magnetic features on the solar surface_ arxiv13072410v1.pdf 18M18-Jul-2013 14:17
Ionized Plasma and Neutral Gas Coupling in the Suns Chromosphere and Earths Ionosphere Thermosphere_ arxiv13100405v4.pdf 7M26-Sep-2016 04:51
LEMUR_ Large European Module for solar Ultraviolet Research European contribution to JAXA's Solar-C mission_ arxiv110..> 2M27-Sep-2011 05:01
LOFAR tied-array imaging of Type III solar radio bursts_ arxiv14074385v1.pdf 2M17-Jul-2014 05:27
Latest news on zebra patterns_ arxiv151206311v2.pdf 7M03-Apr-2016 08:33
Local Helioseismology of Sunspots_ Current Status and Perspectives_ AG Kosovichev_ arxiv10104927v2.pdf 4M01-Mar-2011 15:31
Local Helioseismology_ Laurent Gizon_ lrsp 2005.pdf 6M03-Jul-2015 18:33
Long-Term Variations in the Growth and Decay Rates of Sunspot Groups_ J Javaraiah_ arxiv11051066.pdf 750K24-Aug-2011 11:25
Long-range magnetic couplings between solar flares and coronal mass ejections observed by SDO and STEREO_ C J Schrijv..> 2M06-Oct-2011 03:29
Low Frequency Seeing and Solar Diameter Measurements_ Drift Scan_ arxiv12016463.pdf 289K01-Feb-2012 16:52
MHD wave transmission in the Suns atmosphere_ M Stangalini_ D Del Moro_ F Berrilli_ S M Jefferies_ arxiv11084576.pdf 228K24-Aug-2011 15:43
Magnetic Coupling between the Interior and Atmosphere of the Sun_ S Hasan_ R J Rutten_ 2010.pdf 18M12-Aug-2011 20:59
Magnetic Fields in the Atmospheres of the Sun and Stars Sami_ K Solanki_ SaasFee39_Handout_L1.pdf 3M29-Oct-2011 21:44
Magnetic Fields in the Solar Convection Zone_ Yuhong Fan_ lrsp-2009-4Color.pdf 4M19-Mar-2012 04:27
Magnetic Helicity and Large Scale Magnetic Fields_ A Primer_ arxiv14020933.pdf 6M19-Mar-2014 09:32
Magnetic Kelvin-Hemholtz Instability at the Sun_ foullon_preprint_apjl_2011.PDF 1M05-Feb-2011 00:30
Magnetic Reconnection_ Concepts and Applications_ Walter Gonzalez_ Eugene Parker_ 2016.pdf 23M15-Sep-2016 15:36
Magnetic Structure of Sunspots_ J M Borrero_ K Ichimoto_ arxiv11094412.pdf 5M25-Sep-2011 02:42
Magnetic tornadoes as energy channels into the solar corona_ Supplementary Materials_ Sven Wedemeye-Bohm_ Eamon Scull..> 8M01-Jul-2012 09:48
Magnetic tornadoes as energy channels into the solar corona_ Sven Wedemeye-Bohm_ Eamon Scullion_ Oskar Steiner_ Luc R..> 4M01-Jul-2012 09:47
Magnetography of Solar Flaring Loops with Microwave Imaging Spectropolarimetry_ D E Gary_ G D Fleishman_ G M Nita_ ar..> 953K17-May-2015 00:17
Measurements of the Coronal Acceleration Region of a Solar Flare_ Sam Krucker_ H S Hudson_ L Glesener_ S M White_ S M..> 764K13-Sep-2011 03:45
Microflares and the Statistics of X-ray Flares_ I G Hannah_ H S Hudson_ M Battaglia_ S Christe_ J Kasparova_ S Krucke..> 2M06-Sep-2011 05:00
Microwave View on Particle Acceleration in Flares_ Gregory D Fleishman_ arxiv13040384v1.pdf 771K02-Apr-2013 22:58
Modulation of neutral interstellar He, Ne, O in the heliosphere_ Survival probabilities and abundances at IBEX_ arxiv..> 1M22-Jun-2013 23:41
Momentum Balance in Eruptive Solar Flares_ The Vertical Lorentz force Acting on the Solar Atmosphere and the Solar In..> 175K16-Aug-2011 04:16
Multi-wavelength VLA and Spacecraft Observations of Evolving Coronal Structures Outside Flares_ R F Wilson_ iau223 20..> 515K22-Dec-2014 12:19
Narrow-band full Stokes polarimetry of small structures on the Sun with speckle methods_ N Bello Gonzalez_ F Kneer_ 2..> 4M23-Nov-2011 00:01
New solar extreme ultraviolet irradiance observations during flares_ Woods et al_ ApJ_2011.pdf 3M05-Oct-2011 03:11
Nobeyama 17Ghz Brightness Temperature of Solar Polar Fields 1993-2006.pdf 169K16-Aug-2011 05:38
Nonthermal Hard X-ray Emission and Iron Kalpha Emission from a Superflare on II Pegasi_ arxiv0609205.pdf 2M10-Sep-2011 04:46
Nuclear Physics of Stars_ Christian Iliadis_ 2007.pdf 64M19-Jan-2014 18:09
Observation of the Evolution of a Current Sheet in a Solar Flare_ arxiv160307062.pdf 979K24-Mar-2016 11:21
Observations of Low Frequency Solar Radio Bursts from the Rosse Solar-Terrestrial Observatory_ P Zucca_ E P Carley_ J..> 1M24-Nov-2012 04:53
Observations of Reconnecting Flare Loops with the Atmospheric Imaging Assembly_ AIA_ arxiv11092474.pdf 1M17-Sep-2011 04:17
Observations of the active Sun in the MHz to GHz range _ Presentation_ Nichole Vilmer_ 2013.pdf 5M06-Mar-2013 04:08
Observing coronal nanoflares in active region moss_ arxiv13051687v1.pdf 508K14-May-2013 22:10
On Molecular Hydrogen Formation and the Magnetohydrostatic Equilibrium of Sunspots_ Sarah A Jaeggli_ Haosheng Lin_ Ha..> 2M01-Feb-2012 04:56
On Polar Magnetic Field Reversal and Surface Flux Transport During Solar Cycle 24_ Sun et al_ ApJ 2015.pdf 2M25-Dec-2016 10:44
On a Possible Explaination of the Long-Term Decrease in Suspot Field Strength_ Yury A Nagovitsin_ Alexei A Pevtsov_ W..> 850K27-Jan-2013 23:15
On the Brightness and Waiting-time Distributions of a Type III Radio Storm observed by STEREO WAVES_ J P Eastwood_ M ..> 370K16-Aug-2011 04:24
On the Effect of the Interplanetary Medium on Nanodust Observations by the Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory_ a..> 380K16-Jan-2015 00:29
On the Force-Freeness of the Photospheric Sunspot Magnetic Fields as Observed from Hinode SOT SP_ Sanjiv Kumar Tiwari..> 792K19-Sep-2011 08:47
On the Mechnical Energy Available to Drive Solar Flares_ A N McClymont_ G H Fisher_ arxiv10045318.pdf 163K15-Jan-2013 14:44
On the Relation between Solar Activity and Clear-Sky Terrestrial Irradiance_ arxiv12090602.pdf 2M05-Sep-2012 22:49
On the Triggering of M-Class Solar Flare due to Loop-loop Interaction in AR NOAA 10875_ arxiv11094730.pdf 705K25-Sep-2011 02:02
Optical design of a near-infrared birefringent filter system and measurement of birefringent index of calcite at 1.56..> 1M02-Nov-2011 06:55
Physical Origin of Differences among various Measures of Solar Meridional Circulation_ Mausumi Dikpati_ Peter A Gilma..> 188K24-Aug-2011 11:44
Physics of the Solar Corona_ Markus J Aschwanden.pdf 25M12-Apr-2011 17:23
Plasma Astrophysics_ Kinetic Processes in Solar and Stellar Coronae_ 2nd Ed_ Arnold O Benz_ 2002.pdf 8M31-Jan-2014 18:50
Portable Solar Telescope_ PST Photography with a DSLR_ Keith Ehren.pdf 838K07-Feb-2017 07:10
Pre-Flare Activity and Magnetic Reconnection During the Evolutionary Stages of Energy Release in a Solar Eruptive Fla..> 848K19-Sep-2011 08:44
Predicting space climate change_ L Barnard_ M Lockwood_ M A Hapgood_ M J Owens_ C J Davis_ F Steinhilber_ GRL_2011.pdf 177K19-Aug-2011 15:16
Predicting the Suns Polar Magnetic Fields with a Surface Flux Transport Model_ arxiv13110844v1.pdf 1M11-Dec-2013 21:28
Prediction of Solar Cycles_ Leif Svalgaard_ 2016.pdf 3M16-Dec-2016 01:27
Prevalence of Small-scale Jets from the Networks of the Solar Transition Region and Chromosphere_ arxiv14106143.pdf 9M24-Oct-2017 22:21
Probing Dynamics of Electron Acceleration with Radio and X-ray Spectroscopy, Imaging, and Timing in the 2002 APR 11 S..> 2M27-Jan-2014 01:55
Probing the Shallow Convection Zone_ Rising Motion of Subsurface Magnetic Fields in the Solar Active Region_ arxiv130..> 329K17-May-2013 00:00
Properties of Ground Level Enhancement Events and the Associated Solar Eruptions During Solar Cycle 23_ N Gopalswamy_..> 2M30-Nov-2012 02:53
Publication statistics on Sun and heliosphere_ arxiv160308943.pdf 362K02-Apr-2016 13:39
Quasi-periodic Fast-mode Wave Trains Within a Global EUV Wave and Sequential Transverse Oscillations Detected by SDO ..> 4M05-Jan-2013 08:29
RHESSI Microflare Statistics II X-ray Imaging_ Spectroscopy & Energy Distributions_ I G Hannah_ S Christe_ S Krucker_..> 639K16-Aug-2011 04:28
Radio continua modulated by waves_ Zebra patterns in the solar and pulsar radio spectra_ M Karlicky_ aa21356-13 2013.pdf 980K03-Apr-2013 08:39
Radio evidence for breakout reconnection in solar eruptive events_ H Aurass_ G Holman_ S Braune_ G Mann_ P Zlobec_ A&..> 2M26-Jun-2013 07:20
Radio seismology of the outer solar corona_ arxiv13052287v1.pdf 2M17-May-2013 01:56
Rapid Changes of Photospheric Magnetic Field after Tether-Cutting Reconnection and Magnetic Implosion_ Chang Liu_ Na ..> 685K21-Dec-2011 17:18
Reconnection of Magnetic Fields_ Magnetohydrodynamics and Collisionless Theory and Observations_ J Birn_ E R Priest_ ..> 5M12-Aug-2011 20:55
Reconstruction of Solar Extreme Ultraviolet Flux 1740 to 2015_ Leif Svalgaard_ 2015.pdf 2M14-Dec-2016 07:15
Relaxation of magnetic field relative to plasma density revealed from microwave zebra patterns associated with solar ..> 753K16-Mar-2013 00:14
Response of the Photospheric Magnetic Field to the X2.2 Flare on 2011 February 15_ Shuo Wang_ Chang Liu_ Rui Liu_ Na ..> 392K19-Dec-2011 02:16
Revisiting the Sunspot Number_ F Clette_ L Svalgaard_ J M Vaquero_ E W Cliver_ arxiv14073231.pdf 5M14-Jul-2014 01:17
SPINOR_ Visible and Infrared Spectro-Polarimetry at the National Solar Observatory_ H Navarro_ D Elmore_ A Pietarila_..> 559K07-Dec-2011 04:52
STEREO-A_CME_FromCoronaToEarth_RealImaging_V5_Craig_Science_Gauge_hlfspd_H264.mov 41M19-Aug-2011 07:43
SWAP Observations of the Long-Term, Large-Scale Evolution of the EUV Solar Corona_ arxiv13091345.pdf 4M09-Sep-2013 11:50
Saas Fee Advanced Course 39_ Magnetic Fields in Stars_ From the Sun to Compact Objects_ Les Diablerets 2009.pdf 22M30-Oct-2011 12:08
Science Goals of ATST_ Advanced Technology Solar Telescope_ 2004.pdf 3M20-Feb-2013 04:50
Science Objectives and Instrument Design of the Solar-C Mission_ Y Suematsu_ 2013.pdf 5M22-Dec-2014 03:24
Sensitive Test for Ion-Cyclotron Resonant Heating in the Solar Wind_ J C Kasper_ B A Maruca_ M L Stevens_ A Zaslavsky..> 352K15-Mar-2015 06:47
Sensitive Test for Ion-Cyclotron Resonant Heating in the Solar Wind_ J C Kasper_ B A Maruca_ M L Stevens_ A Zaslavsky..> 352K14-Mar-2013 08:05
Siberian Radioheliograph_ First Rseults_ arxiv170407100.pdf 1M05-May-2017 22:37
Signatures of the slow solar wind streams form active regions in the inner corona_ arxiv12036756.pdf 1M02-Apr-2012 23:10
Simulation of the Formation of a Solar Active Region_ M C M Cheung_ M Rempel_ A M Title_ M Schussler_ 2010_ arxiv1006..> 1M27-Oct-2011 13:49
Sixty-five years of solar radioastronomy_ flares, coronal mass ejections and Sun-Earth connection_ Monique Pick_ Nico..> 8M04-Mar-2013 00:16
Small Scale Microwave Bursts in Long-duration Solar Flares_ Baolin Tan_ arxiv13073501v1.pdf 2M15-Jul-2013 03:12
Small-Scale and Global Dynamos and the Area and Flux Distributions of Active Regions, Sunspot Groups, and Sunspots_ A..> 6M25-Aug-2015 05:11
Small-Scale and Global Dynamos and the Area and Flux Distributions of Active Regions, Sunspot Groups, and Sunspots_ a..> 6M01-Sep-2015 05:54
Solar Activity_ Past, Present, Future_ A Personal Journey_ Leif Svalgaard_ 2013.pdf 635K13-May-2013 20:00
Solar Atmospheric Magnetic Energy Coupling_ Broad Plasma Conditions and Temperature Scales_ arxiv160102986.pdf 4M01-Mar-2016 15:59
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The Prelude to the Deep Minimum between Solar Cycles 23 and 24_ Interplanetary Scintillation Signatures in the Inner ..> 1M08-Oct-2011 10:58
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The association of a J-burst with a solar jet_ arxiv1707.03428.pdf 2M13-Jul-2017 06:05
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The global solar magnetic field -- identification of travelling, long-lived ripples_ arxiv13041249v1.pdf 1M06-Apr-2013 00:36
The influence of solar wind on extratropical cyclones_ part 1_ Wilcox effect revisited_ P Prikryl_ V Rusin_ M Rybansk..> 3M20-Jun-2011 15:50
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The role of type II spicules in the upper solar atmosphere_ arixv12077048v3.pdf 256K18-Jan-2013 10:35
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The sun's position in the sky_ Alejandro Jenkins_ arxiv12081043.pdf 5M07-Aug-2012 11:38
The unusual minimum sunspot cycle 23 caused by meridional plasma flow variations_ DNandy AMunozJaramillo PCHMartens_ ..> 287K02-Mar-2011 21:49
Three-Dimensional Structure of Solar Wind Turbulence_ arxiv11092558.pdf 207K17-Sep-2011 04:22
Tracing Electron Beams in the Suns Corona with Radio Dynamic Imaging Spectroscopy_ arxiv12113058v2.pdf 846K16-Feb-2013 10:31
Transfer of Energy, Potential, and Current by Alfven Waves in Solar Flares_ arxiv13041938v1.pdf 352K11-Apr-2013 11:00
Transport and Energy Conversion in the Heliosphere_ JP Rozelot_ L Klein_ JC Vial_ 1998.djvu 1M12-Aug-2011 20:58
Trends in Ultracool Dwarf Magnetism_ arxiv13106757v1.pdf 1M29-Oct-2013 03:00
Two-Stage Magnetic Reconnection_ Solar Eruptive Event_ 08-Mar-2011_SDO_AIA_131_only.mov 184M13-Sep-2011 03:48
Two-Stage Magnetic Reconnection_ Solar Eruptive Event_ 08-Mar-2011_YSu_SDO_AIA_211_335_94.mov 435M13-Sep-2011 05:11
Ubiquitous Torsional Motions in Type II Spicules_ arxiv12055006v1.pdf 2M26-Mar-2013 09:06
Ultraviolet and X-ray Spectroscopy of the Solar Atmosphere_ Kenneth J H Phillips_ Uri Feldman_ Enrico Landi_ 2008.pdf 9M08-Nov-2011 00:49
Uncovering Mechanisms of Coronal Magnetism via Advanced 3D Modeling of Flares and Active Regions_ H Hudson et al_ Sol..> 95K16-Aug-2011 04:12
Useful Solar Numbers.pdf 90K14-Aug-2011 09:48
VFISV_ Very Fast Inversion of the Stokes Vector for the Helioseismic and Magnetic Imager_ JM Borrero_ S Tomczyk_ M Ku..> 3M07-Oct-2011 10:18
VLA Measurements of Faraday Rotation through Coronal Mass Ejections_ J E Kooi_ P D Fischer_ J J Buffo_ S R Spangler_ ..> 2M04-Apr-2017 18:24
Very High Resolution Solar X-ray Imaging Using Diffractive Optics_ arxiv12054762.pdf 781K25-May-2012 00:04
Very Long-lived Wave Patterns Detected in the Solar Surface Velocity Signal_ Roger K Ulrich_ 2001.pdf 783K30-Mar-2012 02:17
Vistas in Solar Activity_ Talk Slides_ Leif Svalgaard_ 2013.pdf 4M11-Feb-2013 13:29
What Are Special About Ground-Level Events_ Flares, CMEs, Active Regions and Magnetic Field Connection_ N V Nitta_ Y ..> 2M30-Nov-2012 03:01
What Helicity Can Tell Us About Solar Magnetic Fields_ Alexei A Pevtsov_ 2007.pdf 169K19-Feb-2013 20:22
What have we learned from helioseismology, what have we really learned, and what do we aspire to learn_ arxiv12100820..> 782K13-Nov-2012 13:51
Where do flare ribbons stop_ P F Chen_ J T Su_ Y Guo_ Y Y Dengar_ axiv11090381.pdf 2M06-Sep-2011 04:54
Where is the chromospheric response to conductive energy input from a hot pre-flare coronal loop_ arxiv14054621v1.pdf 2M15-Sep-2016 14:51
Why Is Non-thermal Line Broadening of Spectral Lines in The Lower Transition Region of the Sun Independent of Spatial..> 2M23-Oct-2017 07:47
Width and Variation of the ENA Flux Ribbon Observed by the Interstellar Boundary Explorer_ Fuselier et al_ 2009.pdf 260K28-Aug-2011 15:50
XRT_Jan2009-Aug2011.mov 213M15-Sep-2011 06:43

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