superkuh.(bit|com) https, superkuhbitj6tul.onion.

There's not much here right now. GNU Radio / RTLSDR is most recent. If you want to mirror this server contact me first. It'll save time.

If your browser is warning you about the SSL certificate, ignore it. Self-signed certificates are perfectly valid and making users think they are dangerous is maladaptive. Since no one can agree on any solution to this problem the unrelated Let's Encrypt will have to do for now.

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The US Dept. of Justice has determined that violating a website's terms of service is a felony under CFAA 1030(a)2(c). Under this same law I can declare that you may only use one IP address to access this site; circumvention is a felony. Absurd, isn't it?

It is my policy to regularly delete server logs. I don't log at all for the tor hidden service.