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I noticed the bridgy webmentions for your twitter posts pointing to the site post about setting up an nginx manual logging webmention endpoint. Good stuff. This is a response so you can see if it works with webmentions from the wild.

curl -A "superkuh flashing a laser pointer by hand down a fiber optic cable" -d "source=" -d "target="

I hope it works out for you. A good way to filter out most of the pingback spam is to just drop anything that appears in your nginx POST log more than 3 times. Also, I noticed that your webserver does not support HTTP. That's pretty annoying. HTTP and HTTPS are two great flavors that go great together. Only HTTPS is pretty restricting for a site that involves no money or private information.

[comment on this post] Append "/@say/your message here" to the URL in the location bar and hit enter.

[webmention/pingback] Did you respond to this post? What's the URL?