Businesses only accepting interactions from corporate people is the death of volition for human persons

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You hear about on the news every month now. $x store is opening a location that allows shoppers to buy without human interaction, without a checkout. Restaurants are slowly but steadily being replaced by food trucks which won't take your order unless you pay with a credit card first, no cash allowed. Browsers and search engines both are starting to refuse to display websites that don't exist on the whim of some leased SSL cert saying you're part of the established corporate order. Soon no businesses will accept interacting directly with human persons. All transactions, all interaction, will require a third party corporation (one whom is almost certainly extracting rent) to do the transaction for you.

It's so fast, so easy, so convenient. All the complexity and awkwardness is hidden from the human persons and their life is easier. But a chain around your neck is still a chain no matter how long you make it. Human person motives and corporate person motives rarely align and in the future when there's a disagreement it's clear who's going to make the decisions about what is allowed and what is not: the corporate people everyone loves and depends on.

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