Rust isn't stable and shouldn't be used for things that need stability.

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Everything is being written or re-written in Rust these days. It has genuinely nice features and it's hip. Unfortunately it is the least stable compiler/language in existence. Rust's "stable" versions don't even last a year. Something written in Rust 1.50 can't be compiled and run on even Debian 11, a distro *not even released yet*, with Rust 1.48 from 2020-11-19. Rust versions don't even last 5 months.

For all it's safety and beauty as a compiler it fails spectacularly at being able to compile. This is why every single Rust tutorial you see demands you not install rustc from your system repos (no matter how new) and instead use their proprietary and shady rust-up binary that pulls down whatever it wants from their online sources. The idea of a compiler that you cannot get from your repos is absurd and that needs to be recognized.

Rust is cool, yeah, but it isn't a real language yet. It's just a plaything for coders right now. It is not a tool for making applications that can be run by other people. Eventually as a different demographic of devs begins using Rust they'll stop using the fancy newest backwards incompatible extensions and only target "stable" versions. And at that point Rust will slowly become a real language. But that day is not today.

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