If I set sars-cov-2 medical policy: intranasal vaccination booster and mandated real N95 masks

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If I were suddenly and absurdly given control of pandemic medical policy at any scale I would implement two things which I believe would put *ending* the pandemic back on the table.

The first would be a "warp speed" like program to fund both existing and new intranasal sars-cov-2 vaccines that actually prevent transmission of the virus and mucosal infection. The only feasible way to end the pandemic is to stop the spread of the disease. Intramuscular vaccination alone to prevent hospitlization and hospital overload isn't enough. It is just the first step. An intranasal booster after intramuscular vaccination could stop the spread.

There are only 7 intranasal sars-cov-2 vaccinations undergoing early phase 1/2 trials right now and of them only 2 are using a sane design: one live attenuated sars-cov-2, one protein fragment of the receptor binding domain. I hope one of the two manages to clear phase 3 and be manufactured. Otherwise the only option may be ordering peptides and assembling the community designed RaDVaC sars-cov-2 intranasal vaccine at a price point of $5k for a couple dozen doses.

"the ideal vaccination strategy may use an intramuscular vaccine to elicit a long-lived systemic IgG response and a broad repertoire of central memory B and T cells, followed by an intranasal booster that recruits memory B and T cells to the nasal passages and further guides their differentiation toward mucosal protection, including IgA secretion and tissue-resident memory cells in the respiratory tract." - https://science.sciencemag.org/content/373/6553/397

The second and much less important would be both short and long term funding of N95 mask factory production and mandating N95 or better masks in all public indoor spaces. Procedure masks and unfit cloth masks do not provide protection from the wearer or to the wearer against aerosol spread respiratory viruses. They protect against spittle. That's all. Current masks laws basically only require face coverings indoors and this does nothing with giant centimeter^2 gaps through which air and aerosols flow. Their N rating is N30 to N40. Most aerosols just go around the mask. Critical to this would be a public messaging campaign nuanced enough to acknowledge that yes, prior "masks" and "mask" laws actually don't work just like the idiot anti-maskers said. But it is because most masks aren't actually masks against aerosols, not because aerosol masks don't work.

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