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water_tranmission_nearIR.gif9.5 KiB2011-Dec-10 10:12
Variable-focus liquid lens_ Hongwen Ren_ Shin-Tson Wu_ 2007.pdf126.5 KiB2011-Dec-09 09:23
Tunable-focus liquid lens controlled using a servo motor_ Hongwen Ren_ David Fox_ P Andrew Anderson_ Benjamin Wu_ Shin-Tso..>189.8 KiB2011-Dec-09 04:01
Tunable-focus lens for adaptive eyeglasses_N Hasan_ A Banerjee_ H Kim_ C H Mastrangelo_ Opt Express 2017.pdf3.1 MiB2017-Feb-05 07:44
Tunable-focus lens for adaptive eyeglasses_N Hasan_ A Banerjee_ H Kim_ C H Mastrangelo_ Opt Express 2017.pdf152 B2017-Feb-05 13:00
TDS-SANTOLIGHT-SL-5267.pdf99.5 KiB2011-Dec-11 00:56
Study on a prototype of the large dimensional refractive lens for the future large field-of-view IACT_ water lens_arxiv150..>2.4 MiB2015-Sep-08 06:20
Optofluidic lens with tunable focal length and asphericity_ Kartikeya Mishra et al_ srep 2015.pdf720.5 KiB2015-Jul-25 02:07
Liquid lens with double tunable surfaces for large power tunability and improved optical performance_ Lei Li_ Qiong-Hua Wa..>413.7 KiB2011-Dec-12 08:13
A novel adaptive mechanical-wetting lens for visible and near infrared imaging_ Su Xu_ Yifan Liu_ Hongwen Ren_ Shin-Tson W..>880.1 KiB2011-Dec-09 02:12
Adaptive mechanical-wetting lens actuated by ferrofluids_ Hui-Chuan Cheng_ Su Xu_ Yifan Liu_ Shoshana Levi_ Shin-Tson Wu_ ..>726.9 KiB2011-Dec-09 02:28
Adaptive liquid lens actuated by ferrofluid_ Shoshana Levi_ Shin-Tson Wu_ 2011.pdf272.6 KiB2011-Dec-10 02:08

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