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Energy_storage_kinetics_in_TEA-CO2-Laser.gif10.7 KiB2011-Jul-16 08:29
TEA_CO2_parallel_sparkgap_preionizer_schematic.jpg32.5 KiB2011-Jul-08 10:00
rogowski.xls57.5 KiB2011-Jul-20 15:32
TEA_CO2_parallel_sparkgap_preionizer_resonator1.jpg62.6 KiB2011-Jul-08 10:00
Switchless Operation of a TEA CO2 Laser_ D J Biswas_ J P Nilaya_ 2002.pdf76.0 KiB2011-Jul-08 06:57
A compact spark pre-ionized pulser sustainer TE-CO2 laser_ NS Benerji_ Neeraj Varshnay_ Lala Abhinandan_ U Nundy_ 2004_ Pe..>80.3 KiB2011-Jul-08 06:48
Uniform glowlike plasma source assisted by preionization of spark in ambient air at atmospheric pressure.pdf82.9 KiB2011-Jul-08 07:08
Operation of a helium-free TEA CO2 laser_ D J Biswas.pdf94.7 KiB2011-Jul-08 08:11
Pulser Driven Helium Free Transversely Excited Atmospheric-Pressure _TEA_ CO2 Laser_ D J Biswas_ US6950453.pdf114.0 KiB2011-Jul-11 02:03
High Power Helium-Free Superatmospheric CO2 Mini-TEA Laser_ S Marchetti_ R Simili_ M Giorgi_ ajp-jphyscol198748C707.pdf120.9 KiB2011-Jul-08 09:04
A compacted Ernst-electrodes profile for pulsed high-pressure lasers_ I Leyva_ J M Guerra_ 1999.pdf126.0 KiB2011-Jul-08 07:03
Uniform Field Electrodes_ U Nundy_ D V S Satyanaraya_ N S N Bannerjee.pdf128.0 KiB2011-Jul-08 08:07
A 5 cm Single-Discharge CO2 Laser Having High Power Output_ G J Ernst_ A G Boer_ 1980.pdf150.2 KiB2011-Jul-11 05:05
Various techniques for producing a single longitudinal mode TEA-CO2 laser_ S L Chin_ 024_OALT_1980_0085.pdf158.8 KiB2011-Jul-08 07:14
Various techniques for producing a single longitudinal mode TEA-CO2 laser_ S L Chin_ 1980.pdf158.8 KiB2011-Jul-11 06:41
co2laser_build.jpg159.7 KiB2011-May-13 19:23
Uniform-field electrodes with minimum width_ GJ Ernst_ 1984.pdf212.2 KiB2011-Jul-08 07:20
Transversely Excited High Pressure Carbon-Dioxide Laser_ B S Patel_ 1973.pdf218.2 KiB2011-Jul-08 07:17
Switching of a TEA CO2 laser with its own UV emitting parallel spark channels_ J Padma_ P Raote_ G Patil_ D J Biswas_ 2006..>228.5 KiB2011-Jul-11 01:59
A 10 cm aperture high quality TEA CO2 laser_ GJ Ernst_ Optics Communications_ 1982_ Ernst82ten.pdf261.9 KiB2011-Jul-08 06:40
A Compact TEA CO2 Laser for Field-Based Spectrochemical Analysis of Geological Samples_ Wagini R_ K Kagawa.pdf268.2 KiB2011-Jul-08 06:53
Compact uniform field electrode profiles_ G J Ernst_ 1983_ Ernst83compact.pdf272.2 KiB2011-Jul-08 07:20
Parametric Measurements on a Doped CO2 TEA Laser_ B J Reits_ 1980.pdf274.1 KiB2011-Jul-08 07:19
A Compact Simple Structure TEA C02 Laser with Dielectric Corona Preionization_ AR Bahrampour_ 2003_ 95520030410.pdf306.3 KiB2011-Jul-08 06:41
Comparison of several discharge electrodes for a TEA CO2 laser_ Chinese_ 2005_ 060411.pdf376.8 KiB2011-Jul-08 06:50
Simpliefied UV-preionized long-pulse TEA CO2 laser amplifier_ RevSciInstrum_55_1545.pdf400.6 KiB2011-May-13 19:20
Simple Inexpensive Laboratory-Quality Rogowski TEA Laser_ H J Segui_ K Manes_ J Tulip_ RevSciInst_ 1972.pdf462.7 KiB2011-Jul-12 05:55
CO2_measurements diagram.jpg489.7 KiB2011-May-13 19:23
Long Self-Sustained Discharge Pulses for CO2 Lasers_ Further Skirmishes_ M R Harris_ 1980.pdf528.9 KiB2011-Jul-08 07:23
Towards a triggerable switchless TEA CO2 laser_ Guatam C Patil_ 2011.pdf546.9 KiB2011-Jul-11 02:14
Theoretical analysis of electrical transient behaviour in TEA CO2 laser with dielectric corona pre-ionization_ Alireza Bah..>551.3 KiB2011-Jul-08 06:42
On the repetitive operation of a self-switched transversely excited atmosphere CO2 laser_ PALLAVI RAOTE_ GAUTAM PATIL_ J P..>587.3 KiB2011-Jul-08 07:00
On the operation of switch-less transversely excited atmosphere CO2 lasers in the oscillator and amplifier configurations_..>704.6 KiB2011-Jul-08 06:59
Construction and performance characteristics of a rapid discharge TEA CO2 laser_ Ernst78construction.pdf884.6 KiB2011-Jul-08 06:43
An Ideal Thyratron-less Repetitive TE Laser Pulser_ D J Biswas_ radial rotating sparkgap.pdf1.0 MiB2011-Jul-08 07:02
A New Single Mode Tunable TEA CO2 Laser_ Roger A Dougal_ 1980.pdf1.4 MiB2011-Jul-11 06:39
The Influence of Additives and Contaminants in TEA CO2 Laser Discharges Evaluated by Electrical Measurements_ A Lietti_ 19..>1.4 MiB2011-Jul-11 05:14
A double discharge high power TEA CO2 laser_ P Boulanger_ A Heym_ J M Mayor_ Z A Pietrzyk_ 1973_ lrp_60_73.pdf1.6 MiB2011-Jul-08 07:12
CO2 Laser Preionization_ Gary D Spiers_ 1990.pdf2.0 MiB2011-Jul-11 06:15
Development and Optimization of OFID-10 micrometer TEA CO2 Laser Systems_ Armin Walter Kalin_ 1991.pdf3.2 MiB2011-Jul-11 06:51
Development of a Helium-Free Atmospheric Pressure Pulsed CO2 Laser_ DJ Biswas_ JP Nilaya_ Aniruddha Kumar.pdf3.2 MiB2011-Jul-08 06:46
A Fast Preionization Source for Diffuse Discharges Containing Attachers_ James R Cooper_ 1983.pdf4.9 MiB2011-Jul-08 08:00
Propogation of High Power Pulses of 10.6 micrometer Radiation from a CO2 TEA Laser of Novel Design Through Clouds Produced..>5.5 MiB2011-Jul-08 09:33
A 40 Joule CO2 TEA Laser Module with a Uniform-field Electrode Profile and Side-Arc Preionization_ M R Green_ P D Morgan_ ..>7.3 MiB2011-Jul-08 07:52

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