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Recalibrating the Relevance of Adult_ Jason S Snyder_ j tins 2018.pdf128 B2019-Jan-30 13:00
Hippocampal Place Fields_ Relevance to Learning and Memory_ Sheri JY Mizumori_ 2008.htm223 B2011-Jul-09 04:40
CA3 Sees the Big Picture while Dentate Gyrus Splits Hairs_ Ehren L Newman_ Michael E Hasselmo_ Neuron 2014.pdf181.1 KiB2014-Dec-21 10:26
Hippocampal NMDA receptors and anxiety_ At the interface between cognition and emotion_ C Barkus_ S B McHugh_ R Sprengel_ ..>308.8 KiB2012-Feb-05 21:41
Could adult hippocampal neurogenesis be relevant_ James S Snyder_ Heater A Cameron_ 2011.pdf330.4 KiB2012-Feb-10 00:34
Dentate gyrus neurons that are born at the peak of development, but not before or after, die in adulthood_ T Ciric_ S P Ca..>432.4 KiB2019-Jun-26 16:03
Pattern Separation_ A Common Function for New Neurons in Hippocampus and Olfactory Bulb_ Amar Sahay_ Donald A Wilson_ Rene..>567.1 KiB2012-Jan-31 08:54
Resolving New Memories_ A Critical Look at the Dentate Gyrus, Adult Neurogenesis, and Pattern Separation_ James B Aimone_ ..>620.5 KiB2012-Jan-29 09:35
Hippocampal Spike-Timing Correlations Lead to Hexagonal Grid Fields_ M M Monsalve-Mercado_ C Leibold_ PRL 2017.pdf624.9 KiB2017-Jul-31 22:29
Sexual Experience Promotes Adult Neurogenesis in the Hippocampus Despite an Initial Elevation in Stress Hormones_ Benedett..>888.0 KiB2012-Apr-09 01:53
Computational Models of Grid Cells_ L M Giocomo_ M-B Moser_ E I Moser_ 2011.pdf1001.0 KiB2012-Feb-03 05:02
Dynamics of Hippocampal Neurogenesis in Adult Humans_ K L Spalding_ O Bergmann_ K Alkass_ S Bernard_ M Salehpour_ H B Hutt..>1.1 MiB2013-Jun-10 05:53
From Rapid Place Learning to Behavioral Performance_ A Key Role for the Intermediate Hippocampus_ Tobias Bast_ Iain A Wils..>1.1 MiB2012-Feb-10 19:03
Hemisphere-specific optogenetic stimulation reveals left-right asymmetry of hippocampal plasticity_ Michael M Kohl_ Olivia..>1.1 MiB2011-Nov-21 04:34
Increasing adult hippocampal neurogenesis is sufficient to improve pattern separation_ nature09817.pdf1.1 MiB2011-Apr-27 06:59
Pattern separation in the hippocampus_ Michael A Yassa_ Craig EL Stark_ 2011.pdf1.1 MiB2012-Jan-26 04:24
Optogenetic stimulation of a hippocampal engram activates fear memory recall_ Nature_ 2012.pdf1.2 MiB2012-Mar-25 01:11
Explicit memory creation during sleep demonstrates a causal role of place cells in navigation_ G Lavilleon_ M M Lacroix_ L..>1.2 MiB2019-Sep-17 17:31
The Hippocampus_ Neurotransmission and Plasticity in the Nervous System_ Philippe Taupin_ 2007.pdf1.2 MiB2011-Jul-09 04:36
A temporal record of the past with a spectrum of time constants in the monkey entorhinal cortex_ I M Bright_ M L R Meister..>1.2 MiB2020-Aug-07 18:52
A temporal record of the past with a spectrum of time constants in the monkey entorhinal cortex_ I M Bright_ M L R Meister..>1.2 MiB2020-Aug-07 18:52
LTP requires a reserve pool of glutamate receptors independent of subunit type_ Adam J Granger et al_ Nature 2013.pdf1.3 MiB2013-Mar-26 09:37
Hippocampal Time Cells_ Time versus Path Integration_ Benjamin J Kraus et al_ 2013.pdf1.4 MiB2013-Jul-12 09:31
Mechanisms and Functional Implications of Adult Neurogenesis_ Review_ Zhao et al_ 2008.pdf1.6 MiB2012-Feb-12 01:31
Dendritic Inhibition in the Hippocampus Supports Fear Learning_ Matthew Lovett-Barron et al_ Science 2014.pdf1.7 MiB2014-Feb-23 16:33
Adult hippocampal neurogenesis buffers stress responses and depressive behavior_ J S Snyder_ A Soumier_ M Brewer_ J Pickel..>1.9 MiB2012-Feb-10 00:40
L-type Ca2+ channel blockade with antihypertensive medication disrupts VTA synaptic plasticity and drug-associated context..>1.9 MiB2015-Jun-30 01:53
Learning-enhanced coupling between ripple oscillations in association cortices and hippocampus_ D Khodagholy_ J N Gelinas_..>1.9 MiB2017-Nov-01 23:26
HDAC1 Regulates Fear Extinction in Mice_ Bahari-Javan et al_ 2012.pdf2.0 MiB2012-Apr-14 12:11
The Ventral Hippocampus Is the Embryonic Origin for Adult Neural Stem Cells in the Dentate Gyrus_ Supplemental_ Guangnan L..>2.0 MiB2013-May-04 02:11
Adult Neurogenesis in the Hippocampus_ From Stem Cells to Behavior_ J T Goncalves_ S T Schafer_ F H Gage_ Cell 2016.pdf2.1 MiB2019-Mar-25 20:57
Light Modulates hippocampal function and spatial learning in a Diurnal Rodent Species_ a study using male Nile Grass Rat A..>2.1 MiB2018-Feb-13 17:24
Adult-born neurons inhibit developmentally-born neurons in the dentate gyrus_ S P Cahill_ A Martinovic_ J D Cole_ J S Snyd..>2.3 MiB2019-Jun-26 16:13
An Integrated Index_ Engrams, Place Cells, and Hippocampal Memory_ Goode et al_ Neuron 2020.pdf2.3 MiB2020-Sep-10 02:18
Representation of Three-Dimensional Space in the Hippocampus of Flying Bats_ Michael M Yartsev_ Nachum Ulanovsky_ Science ..>2.5 MiB2013-Apr-21 10:47
Adult Neurogenesis in the Mammalian Brain_ Significant Answers and Significant Questions_ Guo-li Ming_ Hongjun Song_ 2011.pdf2.5 MiB2012-Feb-10 20:42
Are The Dorsal and Ventral Hippocampus functionally distinct structures_ M S Fanselow_ H-W Dong_ nihms163144_ Neuron_ 2010..>2.5 MiB2012-Feb-05 21:43
Recalibrating the Relevance of Adult Neurogenesis_ Jason S Snyder_ j tins 2018.pdf2.9 MiB2019-Jan-30 11:31
Phagocytic activity of neuronal progenitors regulates_ Z Lu_ J T Walsh_ J Kipnis_ ncb2299_ 2011.pdf3.1 MiB2011-Aug-11 19:39
The Hippocampus as a Cognitive Map_ John OKeefe_ Lynn Nadel_ 1978.pdf3.3 MiB2011-Jul-09 04:35
Early survival and delayed death of developmentally-born dentate gyrus neurons_ S P Cahill_ R Q Yu_ D Mowafaghian_ E V Tod..>3.8 MiB2018-Feb-23 21:36
Pattern Separation and Source Memory Engage Distinct Hippocampal and Neocortical Regions during Retrieval_ R F Stevenson_ ..>4.5 MiB2020-Jan-29 19:38
Anxiety Cells in a Hippocampal-Hypothalamic Circuit_ J C Jimenez_ K Su_ A R Goldberg_ L Paninski_ R Hen_ M A Kheirbek_ Neu..>5.0 MiB2018-Feb-06 13:20
Neural dynamics for landmark orientation and angular path integration_ J D Seelig_ V Jayaraman_ Nature 2015.pdf5.5 MiB2015-May-14 23:38
The Ventral Hippocampus Is the Embryonic Origin for Adult Neural Stem Cells in the Dentate Gyrus_ Guangnan Li_ Li Fang_ Gl..>5.6 MiB2013-May-04 01:54
A gravity-based three-dimensional compass in the mouse brain_ D E Angelaki_ J Ng_ AM Abredgo_ HX Cham_ JD Dickman_ J Laure..>6.0 MiB2019-Mar-16 16:16
Distinct Neural Circuits for the Formation and Retrieval of Episodic Memories_ S Tonegawa et al_ Cell 2017.pdf8.8 MiB2017-Aug-18 10:59

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