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Photosensitivity of Neurons Enabled by Cell-Targeted Gold Nanoparticles_ Joao L Carvalho-de-Souza et al_ Neuron 2015.pdf2.4 MiB2015-Apr-09 17:09
Kinesthesis Can Make an INvisible Hand Visible_ K C Dieter_ B Hu_ D C Knill_ R Blake_ D Tadin_ 2013.pdf769.5 KiB2017-Nov-06 00:49
Infrared-Guided Laser Stimulation of Neurons in Brain Slices_ H Dodt_ M Eder_ A Schierloh_ W Zieglgansberger_ 2002.pdf752.9 KiB2012-Nov-09 01:28
Application of infrared light for in vivo neural stimulation_ Jonathon Wells_ 2005.pdf490.1 KiB2012-Nov-09 01:26

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