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mine/-2020-Jul-02 12:00
A Silen Mechanically-Assisted Microwave-Drill for Concrete with Integrated Adaptive Impedance Matching_ E Jerby_ Y Shamir_..>134.9 KiB2017-Jul-03 01:06
Retrographic sensing for the measurement of surface texture and shape_ M K Johnson_ E H Adelson_ 2009.pdf9.5 MiB2016-Aug-02 07:59
FrustumTemplateCalculator.html37.3 KiB2015-Feb-01 15:55
Rapid prototyping of glass-based microfluidic chips utilizing two-pass defocused CO2 laser beam method_ Lung-Mind Fu_ Wei-..>621.4 KiB2013-Jan-21 10:40
Linear Book Scanner Design_ Dany Qumsiyeh_ 2012.pdf8.1 MiB2012-Dec-03 23:41
Position-Correcting Tools for 2D Digital Fabrication_ Alec Rivers_ Ilan E Moyer_ Fredo Durand_ 2012.pdf6.2 MiB2012-Aug-10 12:37
Manual of Laboratory Glass-Blowing_ R H Wright_ 1943.djvu1.2 MiB2011-Nov-04 18:35
A Handbook of Laboratory Glass-Blowing_ Bernard D Bolas_ 1921.pdf5.6 MiB2011-Nov-04 17:35
Scientific Glassblowing_ A Black Art_ Raymond Jimenez_ 2007.pdf2.1 MiB2011-Nov-04 17:31
Building Scientific Apparatus_ 4th Edition_ Moore Davis Coplan.pdf8.2 MiB2010-Dec-04 17:02

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