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Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation_ Modelling and New Techniques_ Jarmo Ruohonen.pdf1.7 MiB2011-Jul-09 09:19
Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation_ A Primer_ Mark Hallet_ Neuron_ 2007.pdf558.0 KiB2012-Mar-06 10:30
Transcranial Magnetic and Electric Stimulation ain Perception and Cognition Research_ C Miniussi_ G G Ambrus_ M C Pellicci..>458.7 KiB2013-Nov-16 03:26
Suppressing the Surface Field During Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation_ K R Davey_ M Riehl_ 2004.pdf718.4 KiB2011-Jul-09 21:27
Scaling Laws for Electromagnetic Stimulation of an Axon_ Peter J Basser_ Bradley J Roth_ 1990.pdf658.5 KiB2011-Jul-10 02:13
Rotational field TMS_ Comparison with conventional TMS based on motor evoked potentials and thresholds in the hand and leg..>2.4 MiB2020-Mar-24 16:08
rcl_wave.gif11.5 KiB2011-Jun-10 18:52
Programmable Screen for Patterning Magnetic Fields_ F Gao_ F Zhang_ M Huang_ D F Sievenpiper_ 2014.pdf2.1 MiB2014-Aug-06 02:33
Oxford Handbook of Transcranial Stimulation_ Eric Wassermann_ Charles Epstein_ Ulf Ziemann_ 2008.chm28.3 MiB2011-Jul-09 21:41
Magnetostimulation of Vision_ Direct Noninvasive Stimulation of the Retina and the Visual Brain_ Elwin Marg_ 1991.pdf8.4 MiB2011-Jul-10 02:26
Magnetic Stimulation of Neural Tissue_ Techniques and System Design_ Eric Basham_ Zhi Yang_ Natalia Tchemodanov_ Wentai Li..>2.1 MiB2011-Jul-09 09:09
Magnetic Stimulation of Neural Tissue.mht208.0 KiB2011-Jul-13 13:43
General TMS Overview_ UCLA_ TMS_Wu_2011_1.pdf2.5 MiB2011-Jul-09 09:15
Electric field properties of two commercial figure-8 coils in TMS_ calculation of focality and efficiency_ Thielscher_2004..>699.0 KiB2011-Jul-09 09:20
Effects of tms coil geometry on stimulation specificity_ Mehran Talebinejad_ 2010.pdf755.8 KiB2011-Jul-09 22:25
Design of a fast high power magnetic generator for the stimulation of living tissues_ A biomedical engineering application..>1.1 MiB2011-Jul-09 09:26
Designing Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Systems_ Kent Davey_ Mark Riehl_ 2005.pdf639.3 KiB2011-Jul-09 23:46
Coil Design of Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation System for Small Animal_ etd-0721108-140106.pdf4.1 MiB2011-Jul-09 09:46
CoilDesign1.gif2.3 KiB2020-Jan-11 18:49
coil3.JPG27.5 KiB2020-Jan-11 18:45
coil3-1.JPG24.1 KiB2020-Jan-11 18:45
coil2.JPG27.3 KiB2020-Jan-11 18:45
coil2-e.JPG38.5 KiB2020-Jan-11 18:45
coil1.JPG41.0 KiB2020-Jan-11 18:45
Circuit and Coil Design for In Vitro Magnetic Neural Stimulation Systems_ E Basham_ Zhi Yang_ Wentai Liu_ 2009.pdf782.9 KiB2011-Jul-09 09:12
Biophysical foundations underlying TMS_ Setting the stage for an effective use of neurostimulation in the cognitive neuros..>828.7 KiB2011-Jul-09 22:35
A Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Coil Using Rectangular Braided Litz Wire_ M Talebinejad_ S Musallam_ A E Marble.pdf657.3 KiB2011-Jul-09 09:44
A Novel Approach on dTMS Coil Design Based on Tractography and Neural Cable Theory_ A M Jafari_ A Abdolali_ 2019.pdf965.6 KiB2019-Jun-27 23:24

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