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UEFI_ Unified Extensible Firmware Interface Specification_ 2v5_ 2015.pdf19.8 MiB2017-Mar-07 15:37
Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies_ A Narayanan_ J Bonneau E Felten_ A Miller_ S Goldfeder_ 2016.pdf18.0 MiB2016-Feb-10 17:39
IPv6 Essentials_ 3rd Ed_ Integrating IPv6 into Your IPv4 Network_ Silvia Hagen_2014.pdf16.5 MiB2019-Oct-29 03:45
The Algorithmic Beauty of Plants _ Przemyslaw Prusinkiewicz_ Aristid Lindenmayer_ 1990.pdf16.0 MiB2020-Feb-05 19:17
Hacking the Cable Modem_ Ryan Harris_ 2006.pdf15.6 MiB2014-Jan-19 19:04
CyberWarfare CyberComplacency_ is hollywoods blueprint for chaos coming true_ Mark Osborne_ 2013.pdf14.8 MiB2016-Sep-22 21:34
IPv6 Address Planning_ Designing an Address Plan for the Future_ Tom Coffeen_ 2014.pdf14.3 MiB2019-Oct-29 03:46
BADFET_ Defeating Modern Secure Boot Using Second-Order Pulsed Electromagnetic Fault Injection_ A Cui_ R Housley_ 2017.pdf14.1 MiB2018-Sep-03 15:24
Magnetic Recording_ Stella Wu_ Seagate Technology_ 2014.pdf12.5 MiB2018-Oct-01 19:15
Inside the Machine_ An Illustrated Introduction to Microprocessors and Computer Architecture_ Jon Stokes_ 2006.pdf9.8 MiB2013-Nov-27 06:44
Against the Law_ Countering Lawful Abuses of Digital Surveillance_ Andrew bunnie Huang_ Edward Snowden_ 2016.pdf8.2 MiB2016-Sep-08 08:41
2014 Internet Peering Playbook.epub7.9 MiB2016-Oct-21 19:08
PDL Book_ 2012-02-05.pdf7.8 MiB2012-Feb-06 15:34
RSA Key Extraction via Low-Bandwidth Acoustic Cryptanalysis_ Daniel Genkin_ Adi Shamir_ Eran Tromer_ 2013.pdf7.7 MiB2013-Dec-18 19:16
The Art of Computer Programming_ Vol 3_ Sorting and Searching_ Donald E Knuth_ 1973.djvu7.1 MiB2011-Oct-25 22:55
AIR-FI_ Generating Covert Wi-Fi Signals from Air-Gapped Computers_ Mordechai Guri_ arxiv2012.06884.pdf7.0 MiB2020-Dec-15 19:54
The Art of Computer Programming_ Vol 2_ Seminumerical Algorithms_ 3rd Ed_ Donald E Knuth_ 1997.djvu6.9 MiB2011-Oct-25 22:52
Reversing Stealthy Dopant-Level Circuits_ T Sugawara_ D Suzuki_ R Fujii_ S Tawa_ R Hori_ M Shiozaki_ T Fujino_ IACR 2014.pdf6.5 MiB2014-Jul-04 05:29
Furby source code_ D Hampton_ W Shulz_ 1998.pdf6.4 MiB2018-Aug-13 20:12
The Complete ESP8266 Psionics Handbook_ Thotcon 2016.pdf6.4 MiB2016-Jun-23 05:24
A Large-Scale Study of Flash Memory Failures in the Field_ Facebook 2015.pdf6.3 MiB2015-Jun-24 09:51
Key Extraction Using Thermal Laser Stimulation_ A Case Study on Xilinx Ultrascale FPGAs_ H Lohrke_ S Tajik_ T Krachenfels_..>6.0 MiB2019-Jun-23 20:43
Digital Signal Processing using Stream High Performance Computing_ A 512-Input Broadband Correlator for Radio Astronomy_ a..>5.7 MiB2015-Jun-08 22:41
Minimal Perl For UNIX and Linux People_ Tim Maher_ 2007.pdf5.7 MiB2017-Nov-30 05:38
The Art of Computer Programming_ Vol 1_ Fundamental Algorithms_ 3rd Ed_ Donald E Knuth_ 1997.djvu5.5 MiB2011-Oct-25 22:53
Light Commands_ Laser-Based Audio Injection Attacks on Voice-Controllable Systems_ T Sugawara_ B Cyr_ S Rampazzi_ D Genkin..>4.8 MiB2019-Nov-05 00:57
All Your GPS Are Belong To Us_ Towards Stealthy Manipulation of Road Navigation Systems_ K Zeng_ S Liu_ Y Shu_ D Wang_ H L..>4.5 MiB2018-Jul-23 02:01
Games Diversions & Perl Culture_ Best of the Perl Journal_ Jon Orwant_ 2010.pdf4.4 MiB2011-Jul-14 05:50
Accessorize to a Crime_ Real and Stealthy Attacks on State-of-the-Art Face Recognition_ Mahmood Sharif_ Sruti Bhagavatula_..>4.2 MiB2016-Nov-02 19:10
Equation Group_ Questions and Answers_ HDD Firmware Trojans_ ver 15_ Kaspersky 2015.pdf4.0 MiB2016-Nov-09 06:58
Screaming Channels_ When Eletromagnetic Side Channels Meet Radio Transceivers_ G Camurati_ S Poeplau_ M Muench_ T Hayes_ A..>3.8 MiB2018-Jul-26 20:32
PCI_22.pdf3.7 MiB2011-Jul-28 12:57
Invisible Mask_ Practical Attacks on Face Recognition with Infrared_ arxiv180304683.pdf3.3 MiB2018-Mar-27 22:03
Quantum Computing since Democritus_ Scott Aaronson_ 2013.pdf3.2 MiB2013-Jul-20 00:27
On Covert Acoustical Mesh Networks in Air_ Michael Hanspach_ Michael Goetz_ 2013.pdf3.2 MiB2013-Nov-25 18:18
DiskFiltration_ Data Exfiltration from Speakerless Air-Gapped Computers via Covert Hard Drive Noise_ arxiv160803431v1.pdf3.2 MiB2016-Aug-12 16:35
Fast Microwave Logic Circuits_ D J Blattner_ F Sterzer_ 1959.pdf3.0 MiB2019-Jul-18 20:44
PCI.Local.Bus.Specification.Revision.3.0.pdf3.0 MiB2011-Jul-28 12:56
pci21.pdf2.8 MiB2011-Jul-28 12:56
Principles of Uncertainty.pdf2.8 MiB2011-May-24 10:56
Simulating Analyzing and Animating Dynamical Systems_ A Guide to XPPAUT for Researchers and Students_ Bard Ermentrout_ 200..>2.8 MiB2011-Aug-25 04:06
Lest We Remember_ Cold Boot Attacks on Encryption Keys_ J A Halderman_ S D Schoen_ N Heniger_ W Clarkson_ W Paul_ J A Cala..>2.7 MiB2014-Nov-05 23:13
A2_ Analog Malicious Hardware_ K Yang_ M Hicks_ Q Dong_ T Austin_ D Sylvester_ 2016.pdf2.6 MiB2016-May-25 15:40
Understanding FFT Applications_ 2nd ed_ Anders E Zonst_ 2004.djvu2.6 MiB2014-Jan-19 18:57
Reverse Engineering x86 Processor Microcode_ P Koppe et al_ sec17_ 2017 .pdf2.5 MiB2017-Sep-01 09:13
PDL_ Scientific Programming in Perl_ 2001.pdf2.1 MiB2011-Oct-25 02:25
Crowd Counting Through Walls Using WiFi_ S Depatla_ Y Mostofi_ Percom 2018.pdf2.1 MiB2018-Sep-27 21:15
Flash Reliability in Production_ The Expected and the Unexpected_ B Schroeder_ R Lagisetty_ A Merchent_ Google_ 2016.pdf2.1 MiB2016-Mar-13 03:44
Fansmitter_ Acoustic Data Exfiltration from Speakerless Air-Gapped Computers_ Mordechai Guri_ Yosef Solewicz_ Andrey Daida..>2.1 MiB2016-Jun-27 23:24
Stealing Keys from PCs using a Radio_ Cheap Electromagnetic Attacks on WIndowed Exponentiation_ D Genkin_ L Pachmanov_ I P..>2.0 MiB2017-Mar-30 01:39
Uncovering Spoken Phrases in Encrypted Voice over IP Conversations_ C V Wright_ L Ballard_ S E Coull_ F Monrose_ G M Masso..>2.0 MiB2012-Sep-28 23:32
Higher-Order Perl_ Transforming Programs with Programs_ Mark Jason Dominus_ 2005.pdf1.9 MiB2011-Jul-14 05:48
LED-it-GO_ Leaking a lot of Data from Air-Gapped Computers via the HDD LED_ M Guri_ B Zadov_ E Atias_ Y Elovici_ 2017.pdf1.9 MiB2017-Feb-27 15:13
Computer Methods for Ordinary Differential Equations and Differential-Algebraic Equations_ L R Petzold_ SIAM Society for I..>1.8 MiB2012-Feb-27 12:07
Physical principles of microwave assisted magnetic recording_ K Rivkin_ M Benakli_ N Tabat_ H Yin_ AIP 2014.pdf1.7 MiB2018-Dec-07 19:36
Purely Functional Data Structures_ Chris Okasaki_ 1999.djvu1.6 MiB2011-Nov-15 16:05
A Discipline of Programming_ Edsger Dijkstra_ 1976.djvu1.6 MiB2011-Oct-25 22:59
Listening through a Vibration Motor_ N Roy_ R R Choudhury_ 2016.pdf1.6 MiB2018-Feb-27 05:41
Higher-Order Perl_ Mark Jason Dominus.epub1.6 MiB2013-Jan-06 06:53
Effective Perl Programming_ Ways to Write Better More Idiomatic Perl_ 2nd Ed_ Joseph N Hall_ Joshua A McAdams_ brian d foy..>1.5 MiB2011-Jul-14 05:56
Modern Perl_ Chromatic_ 2010.pdf1.5 MiB2011-Jul-14 05:42
Perl Cookbook_ 2nd Ed_ Tom Christiansen_ 2003.chm1.5 MiB2011-Jul-14 06:02
Forensic Analysis and Anonymisation of Printed Documents_ T Richter_ S Escher_ D Schonfeld_ T Strufe_ 2018.pdf1.5 MiB2018-Jun-28 17:39
Cryptographically secure shields_ J M Cioranesco_ J L Danger_ T Graba_ S Guilley_ Y Mathieu_ D Naccache_ X T Ngo_ HST 2014..>1.4 MiB2016-Sep-14 12:07
Temporal Lensing and its Application in Pulsing Denial-of-Service Attacks_ R Rasti_ M Murthy_ N Weaver_ V Paxson_ 2015.pdf1.4 MiB2016-Jul-22 09:51
Imperfect Forward Secrecy_ How Diffie-Hellman Fails in Practice_ D Adrian_ K Bhargavan_ Z Curumeric_ P Gaudry_ M Green_ J ..>1.3 MiB2015-Oct-15 03:47
Abrupt rise of new machine ecology beyond human response time_ Neil Johnson_ Guannan Zhao_ Eric Hunsader_ Hong Qi_ Nichola..>1.3 MiB2013-Sep-13 11:49
Security and Privacy Vulnerabilities of In-Car Wireless Networks_ A Tire Pressure MOnitoring System Case Study_ Ivan Seska..>1.2 MiB2013-Nov-03 08:33
Introduction to Scilab_ 2010.pdf1.2 MiB2011-Oct-25 02:38
LIRA_ Lightweight Incentivized Routing for Anonymity_ Rob Jasen_ Aaron Johnson_ Paul Syverson_ US-NRL 2013.pdf1.1 MiB2013-Sep-21 20:30
Using Perl for Statistics_ Data Processing and Statistical Computing_ v11i01.pdf1.1 MiB2011-Mar-01 00:20
Intel ME - Two Years Later_ Igor Skochinsky_ 2014.pdf1.1 MiB2016-Nov-11 10:03
Inferring Persistent Interdomain Congestion_ A Dhamdhere_ D D Clark_ A Gamero-Garrido_ M Luckie_ R K P Mok_ G Akiwate_ K G..>1.1 MiB2018-Aug-27 18:28
Modern Perl_ Chromatic_ 2012.pdf1.1 MiB2012-Feb-29 02:35
Keystroke Recognition Using WiFi Signals_ Kamran Ali_ Alex X Liu_ Wei Wang_ Muhammad Shahzad_ 2015.pdf1.0 MiB2016-Aug-25 04:18
ODINI_ Escaping Sensitive Data from Faraday-Caged, Air-Gapped Computers via Magnetic Fields_ arxiv180202700.pdf1020.4 KiB2018-Feb-10 21:52
USBee_ Air-Gate Convert-Channel via Electromagnetic Emissions form USB_ M Guri_ M Monitz_ Y Elovici_ 2016.pdf1016.7 KiB2016-Sep-06 13:46
Computer Science from the Bottom Up_ Ian Wienand_ 2016.pdf995.6 KiB2019-Dec-29 03:06
Predicting, Decrypting, and Abusing WPA2 80211 Group Keys_ Mathy Vanhoef_ Frank Piessens_ 2016.pdf982.9 KiB2017-Oct-16 00:38
Mathematical Introduction to Linear Programming and Game Theory_ Louis Brickman_ 1998.djvu954.8 KiB2011-Oct-25 22:59
dot-com_zonefile_access_request_form.pdf938.8 KiB2018-May-08 02:15
P might equal NP_ Scott Aaronson_ 2016.pdf927.7 KiB2017-Jan-05 13:05
Flipping Bits in Memory Without Accessing Them_ An Experimental Study of DRAM Disturbance Errors_ Yoongu Kim_ Ross Daly_ J..>827.9 KiB2014-Dec-24 00:12
Modern Perl_ Chromatic_ 2014.pdf790.6 KiB2015-Nov-06 14:23
Top 10 algorithms in data mining_ X Wu_ V Kumar_ J R Quinlan_ J Ghosh_ Q Yang_ H Motoda_ 2007.pdf783.2 KiB2012-Dec-19 02:44
ASLR on the Line_ Practical Cache Attacks on the MMU_ Ben Gras_ Kaveh Razavi_ Erik Bosman_ Herbert Bos_ Cristiano Giuffrid..>770.6 KiB2017-Feb-15 16:27
FM 99.9 Radio Virus_ Exploiting FM Radio Broadcasts for Malware Deployment_ E Fernandes_ B Crispo_ M Conti_ 2013.pdf750.0 KiB2015-Dec-03 00:34
Mastering Perl for Bioinformatics_ James D Tisdall_ 2003.chm717.4 KiB2011-Aug-15 07:14
An Analysis of Chinas Great Cannon_ Marczak et al_ foci 2015.pdf695.0 KiB2015-Sep-05 05:53
StegTorrent_ a Steganographic Method for P2P File Sharing Service_ arxiv13034264.pdf684.9 KiB2013-Aug-14 02:43
Breaking and Improving Protocol Obfuscation_ Erik Hjelmvik_ Wolfgang John_ 2010.pdf681.7 KiB2012-May-05 13:03
Report on Smartphone Encryption and Public Safety_ Manhattan District Attorneys Office_ 2015.pdf665.9 KiB2015-Nov-22 18:53
Perl & LWP_ Sean M Burke_ 2002.chm657.2 KiB2011-Aug-15 07:18
Key Reinstallation Attacks_ Forcing Nonce Reuse in WPA2_ Mathy Vanhoef_ Frank Piessens_ 2017.pdf626.6 KiB2017-Oct-17 04:09
spiPhone_ Decoding Vibrations From Nearby Keyboards Using Mobile Phone Accelerometers_ P Traynor et al_ 2011.pdf610.3 KiB2013-Sep-27 18:53
Decentralized Anonymous Credentials_ Christina Garman_ Matthew Green_ Ian Miers_ 2013.pdf595.5 KiB2013-Nov-04 03:21
DNS & BIND Cookbook_ Cricket Liu.chm576.3 KiB2011-Aug-15 07:01
Dedup Est Machina_ Memory Deduplication as an Advanced Exploitation Vector_ E Bosman_ K Razavi_ H Bos_ C Giuffrida_ sp16_ ..>547.1 KiB2016-May-28 08:25
Circuit Fingerprinting Attacks_ Passive Deanonymization of Tor Hidden Services_ Albert Kwon_ Mashael AlSabah_ David Lazar_..>522.5 KiB2015-Sep-22 16:56
Unix as IDE_ Tom Ryder_ 2012.epub500.6 KiB2020-Feb-27 23:30
Efficient BackProp_ Yann LeCun_ Leon Bottou_ Genevieve B Orr_ Klaus-Rober Muller_ 1998.pdf499.5 KiB2013-Mar-22 08:05
Ring Confidential Transactions_ Anonymous Blockchain Cryptocurrencies_ Shen Noether_ 2015.pdf489.1 KiB2016-Sep-01 01:22
An Industrial-Strength Audio Search Algorithm_ Avery Li-Chun Wang_ Shazam.pdf477.3 KiB2015-Jul-17 22:31
Stealthy Dopant-Level Hardware Trojans_ George T Becker_ Francessco Regazzoni_ Christof Paar_ Wayne P Burleson_ 2013.pdf432.5 KiB2013-Sep-14 16:50
Beginning PDL_ Xavier Calbet_ 2001.pdf422.1 KiB2011-Oct-25 02:23
Physical random bit generation from chaotic solitary laser diode_ arxiv14063005.pdf409.5 KiB2014-Jun-15 06:35
Transparent Firewall_ Filtering Bridge_ pfSense 2_ William Tarrh_ 2013.pdf374.9 KiB2016-Dec-30 10:06
Learning to Win by Reading Manuals in a Monte-Carlo Framework_ S R K Branavan_ D Silver_ R Barzilay_ acl_2011.pdf359.1 KiB2012-Jan-02 01:59
You Can Type, but You Cant Hide_ A Stealthy GPU-based Keylogger_ E Ladakis_ L Koromilas_ G Vasiliadis_ M Polychronakis_ S ..>344.9 KiB2013-Sep-15 10:08
Scripting Languages Compared_ PHP Perl Python Ruby_Hyperpolyglot.html338.0 KiB2011-Aug-16 05:13
nooshare cryptocurrency_ overview_ 2012.pdf307.3 KiB2012-Feb-19 03:58
TRESOR-HUNT_ Attacking CPU-Bound Encryption_ Erik-Oliver Blass_ William Robertson_ 2012.pdf246.3 KiB2016-Feb-25 13:21
IEMI Threats for Information Security_ Remote Command Injection on Modern Smartphones_ Chaouki Kasmi_ Jose Lopes Esteves_ ..>238.8 KiB2015-Oct-18 04:08
Forced Decryption as a Foregone Conclusion_ Dan Terzian_ 2015.pdf217.4 KiB2017-Mar-21 02:25
The Genuine Sieve of Eratosthenes_ M E ONeill_ 2009.pdf217.2 KiB2018-Mar-25 14:50
Fast String Searching_ Andrew Hume_ Daniel Sunday_ 1991.pdf204.3 KiB2011-Aug-09 17:06
Instruction latencies and throughput for AMD and Intel x86 processors_ Torbjorn Granlund_ 2017.pdf203.8 KiB2017-Jun-04 18:25
PDL for impatient IDL users_ Craig DeForest_ 2006_ switchers.pdf188.2 KiB2011-Oct-25 02:25
Bitcoin_ A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System_ Satoshi Nakamoto.pdf180.0 KiB2011-Sep-27 10:24
Tor_ The Second-Generation Onion Router_ R Dingledine_ N Mathewson_ P Syverson.pdf171.1 KiB2016-Feb-03 01:42
Zero Reserve_ A Distributed Exchange Platform_ anu_ 2013.pdf124.1 KiB2013-Dec-19 14:03
On Rationomics_ An Analysis into the Workings of a Bit Torrent Trackers Economy and Its Composition_ oorza_ 2008.pdf104.3 KiB2012-Mar-19 02:25
A Peek on Numerical Programming in Perl and Python_ E Christopher Dyken_ 2005.pdf99.7 KiB2011-Oct-24 01:35
grep awk and sed_ three VERY useful command-line utilities_ Matt Probert_ 2016.pdf99.1 KiB2021-Feb-02 17:12
The Inevitability of Failure_ The Flawed Assumption of Security in Modern Computing Environments_ Peter A Loscocco_ Stephe..>98.1 KiB2019-Oct-31 21:55
Vi for nano users_ Markus Schnalke.pdf7.4 KiB2013-Mar-05 18:25
bash-tricks.txt7.0 KiB2020-Jan-22 20:25
Understanding the bin, sbin, usr_bin , usr_sbin split.html6.8 KiB2012-Jan-28 08:42
Against the Law_ Countering Lawful Abuses of Digital Surveillance_ Andrew bunnie Huang_ Edward Snoden_ 2016.pdf144 B2016-Sep-08 12:00
P ?= NP_ Scott Aaronson_ 2016.pdf66 B2017-Jan-06 13:00

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