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Coronavirus/-2020-Dec-19 13:00
Technology/-2020-May-14 12:00
Influenza/-2015-May-06 12:00
Agrobacterium/-2015-Mar-02 04:36
ncbigenomes/-2015-Mar-02 04:36
Measurements of the self-assembly kinetics of individual viral capsids around their RNA genome_ R F Garmann_ A M Goldfain_..>1.2 MiB2020-Dec-25 02:48
Three decades of messenger RNA vaccine development_ R Verbeke_ I Lentacker_ S C De Smedt_ H Dewitte_ 2019.pdf1.8 MiB2020-Dec-18 19:06
Nutrient Fluxes to Planktonic Osmotrophs in the presence of fluid motion_ P A Jumars_ L Karp-Boss_ E Boss_ 1996.pdf1.8 MiB2020-Dec-18 19:01
EternaBrain_ Automated RNA design through move sets and strategies from an internet-scale RNA videogame_ R V Koodli_ B Kee..>8.4 MiB2020-Jan-31 16:59
Who We Are and How We Got Here_ Ancient DNA and the New Science of the Human Past-Pantheon_ David Reich_ 2018.epub21.1 MiB2020-Jan-06 19:34
Electromagnetic Absorption by the Human Body from 1 to 15 GHz_ Gregory Conner Richard Melia_ 2013.pdf5.5 MiB2019-Dec-04 02:03
Generation of mice with longer and better preserved telomeres in the absence of genetic manipulations_ E Varela_ M A Munoz..>2.4 MiB2019-Oct-18 20:21
Meta-omics analysis of elite athletes identifies a performance-enhancing microbe that functions via lactate metabolism_ Jo..>5.2 MiB2019-Jun-25 01:19
Development and characterization of a canine skin_ Montserrat Serra_ 2007.pdf900.2 KiB2019-Jun-23 16:54
Promotion of natural tooth repair by small molecule GSK3 antagonists_ V C M Neves_ R Babb_ D Chandrasekaran_ P T Sharpe_ s..>1.2 MiB2019-Mar-08 01:26
Complete biosynthesis of cannabinoids and their unnatural analogues in yeast_ X Luo et al_ 2019.pdf7.6 MiB2019-Feb-27 21:49
Capsaicinoids_ Pungency beyond Capsicum_ E R Naves et al_ tplants 2018_ .pdf2.5 MiB2019-Jan-19 20:57
Can ocean iron fertilization mitigate ocean acidification_ L Cao_ K Caldeira_ 2010.pdf362.5 KiB2018-Aug-15 23:33
Blue light excited retinal intercepts cellular signaling_ K Tatnayake_ J L Payton_ O H Lakmal_ A Karunarathne_ scirep 2018..>9.6 MiB2018-Aug-09 17:48
Flipping the Metabolic Switch: Understanding and Applying the Health Benefits of Fasting_ S D Anton_ K Moehl_ W T Donahoo_..>571.0 KiB2018-May-25 16:39
Chronic nicotinamide riboside supplementation is well-tolerated and elevates NAD in healthy middle-aged and older adult_ C..>632.6 KiB2018-Mar-30 20:12
Gut bacteria selectively promoted by dietary fibers alleviate type 2 diabetes_ Zhao et al_ Science 2018.pdf909.0 KiB2018-Mar-12 02:27
Accurate Genomic Prediction of Human Height_ bioarxiv190124.pdf2.2 MiB2018-Feb-18 20:52
Pharmacological activation of REV-ERBs is lethal in cancer and oncogene-induced senescence_ G Sulli_ A Rommel_ X Wang_ M J..>9.5 MiB2018-Jan-28 10:50
Wild American crows gather around their dead to learn about danger_ K N Swift_ J M Marzluff_ Animal Behavior 2015.pdf661.0 KiB2017-Nov-22 05:53
A zombie LIF gene in elepants is up-regulated by TP53 to induce apoptosis in response to DNA damager_ J M Vazquez_ M Sulak..>1.7 MiB2017-Nov-17 03:49
Eyeburn thresholds_ John Zinn_ Ronald C Hyer_ Charles A Forest_ LA-4651_ 1971.pdf558.6 KiB2017-Nov-09 04:54
Role of the membrane for mechanosensing by tethered channels_ arxiv160305751.pdf918.5 KiB2017-Jul-30 20:51
Digital-to-biological converter for on-demand production of biologics_ Kent S Boles et al_ nbt 2017.pdf1.8 MiB2017-Jul-07 17:45
Teaming with Nutrients_ The Organic Gardeners Guide to Optimizing Plant Nutrition_ Jeff Lowenfels_ 2013.epub3.2 MiB2017-Jun-27 03:21
Diurnal Oscillations in Liver Mass and Cell Size Accompany Ribosome Assembly Cycles_ Sinturel et al_ Cell 2017.pdf3.5 MiB2017-Jun-13 15:25
A molecular mechanism for the origin of a key evolutionary innovation, the bird beak and palate, revealed by an integrativ..>1.6 MiB2017-Apr-17 23:21
An immortalized adult human erythroid line facilitates sustainable and scalable generation of functional red cells_ Jan F..>678.7 KiB2017-Mar-27 02:04
A conserved NAD+ binding pocket that regulates protein-protein interactions during aging_ J Li_ M S Bonkowski_ S Moniot_ D..>928.9 KiB2017-Mar-25 06:30
Bactericidal Effects of Natural Nanotopography of Dragonfly Wing on Escherichia coli_ Chaturanga D Bandara_ Sanjleena Sing..>5.7 MiB2017-Feb-08 07:29
Nuclear fusion enhances cancer cell killing efficiacy in protontherapy model_ arxiv170107504.pdf4.2 MiB2017-Feb-06 12:55
Biopunk_ DIY Scientists Hack the Software of Life_ Marcus Wohlsen_ 2012.pdf1.1 MiB2017-Feb-02 14:32
Applied Bioelectricity_ From Electrical Stimulation to Electropathology_ J P Reilly_ 1998.pdf29.0 MiB2017-Jan-27 12:23
An Electron Microscopic Study of Nuclear Elimination from the Late Erythroblast_ Ehud Skutelsky_ David Danon_ 1967.pdf1.6 MiB2017-Jan-24 09:44
Light-Induced Retinal Damage Using Different Light Sources, Protocols and Rat Strains Reveals LED Phototoxicity_ Krigel et..>3.0 MiB2017-Jan-05 20:59
Nature does not rely on long-lived electronic quantum coherence for photosynthetic energy transfer_ arxiv161008425v1.pdf4.2 MiB2016-Nov-30 13:09
Clusters of calcium release channels harness the Ising phase transition to confine their elementary intraceullar signals_ ..>13.3 MiB2016-Nov-18 10:29
Paleovirology of syncytin_ retroviral env genes exapted for a role in placentation_ C Lavialle_ G Cornelis_ A Dupressoir_ ..>1.1 MiB2016-Nov-17 16:02
Annonacin in Asimina triloba fruit_ Implication for neurotoxicity_ L F Potts_ F A Luzzio_ S C Smith_ M Hetman_ P Champy_ I..>480.9 KiB2016-Nov-17 12:42
An efficient electroporation protocol for the genetic modification of mammalian cells_ bioarxiv073387.pdf14.0 MiB2016-Oct-15 15:43
Transient rapamycin treatment can increase lifespan and healthspan in middle-aged mice_ Matt Kaeberlein et al_ eLIFE 2016.pdf1.9 MiB2016-Oct-09 03:01
Principles of Grafting and Budding_ Chapter 11_ Unknown.pdf23.4 MiB2016-Jun-18 08:07
In vitro Tomato Fruit Cultures Demonstrate a Role for Indole-3-acetic Acid in Regulating Fruit Ripening_ Jerry D Cohen_ 19..>91.8 KiB2016-Apr-29 08:03
Aldehyde-Stabilized Cryopreservation_ Robert L McIntyre_ Gregory M Fahy_ Cryobiology 2015.pdf35.7 MiB2016-Feb-10 16:56
Out with the old_ selective elimination of senescent cells for life extension_ J Gil_ D J Withers_ Nature 2016.pdf147.1 KiB2016-Feb-07 00:05
Self-photosensitization of nonphotosynthetic bacteria for solar-to-chemical production_ Kelsey Sakimoto_ Andrew Wong_ Peid..>606.3 KiB2016-Jan-19 13:03
Three Non-circulating Hydroponic Methods for Growing lettuce_ B A Kratky_ 2009.pdf54.7 KiB2015-Oct-20 04:36
Magnetosensitive neurons mediate geomagnetic orientation in Caenorhabditis elegans_ ANdres Vidal-Gadea et al_ eLife 2015.pdf5.0 MiB2015-Jun-19 00:36
Three dimensions of the amyloid hypothesis_ time space and wingmen_ Erik S Musiek_ David M Holtzman_ Nature Neuroscience 2..>422.7 KiB2015-May-29 19:59
Marine viruses_ major players in the global ecosystem_ Curtis A Suttle_ Nature Reviews Microbiology 2007.pdf684.0 KiB2015-May-25 16:30
Biocommunication of Animals_ Guenther Witzany_ 2014.pdf9.4 MiB2015-Apr-06 02:26
Mitochondrial dysfunction in oocytes of obese mothers_ transmission to offspring and reversal by pharmacological endoplasm..>1.2 MiB2015-Feb-13 12:02
Cephalopod chromatophores_ neurobiology and natural history_ J B Messenger_ Biol Rev 2001.pdf3.7 MiB2015-Jan-30 11:31
Aging and Brain Rejuvenation as Systemic Events_ J Bouchard_ S A Villeda_ jnc 2011.pdf449.3 KiB2014-Nov-20 16:55
Dynamic properties of bacterial pili measured by optical tweezers_ arxiv14111598.pdf939.1 KiB2014-Nov-07 07:13
Morphological and molecular evidence of three species of pikes Esox spp_ Actinopterygii, Esocidae in France, including the..>1.7 MiB2014-Aug-31 06:16
Investigation of Personnel Hazard Associated with Radio-Frequency Fields Encountered in Naval Operations_ M M Zaret_ 1971.pdf3.9 MiB2014-Aug-06 16:16
Biological Effects of Microwave Exposure_ S M Michaelson- R A E Thomson_ Joe W Howland_ RADC-TR-67-461_ 1976.pdf6.8 MiB2014-Aug-06 16:15
Physical and Vegetative Characteristics of Floating Islands_ C T Mallison_ R K Stocker_ C E Cichra_ JAquatPlantManage 2001..>66.5 KiB2013-Nov-29 03:30
Goldmans Cecil Medicine_ 24th Ed_ Lee Goldman_ Andrew I Schafer_ 2011.chm75.6 MiB2013-Nov-22 04:55
Severe disruption of the cytoskeleton and immunologically relevant surface molecules in a human macrophageal cell line in ..>4.5 MiB2013-Oct-14 12:46
Gait Speed and Survival in Older Adults_ JAMA 2011.pdf301.9 KiB2013-Jun-20 17:46
Light-Controlled Graphene-Elastin Composite Hydrogel Actuators_ Eddie Wang_ Malav S Desai_ Seung-Wuk Lee_ NanoLett 2013.pdf900.7 KiB2013-Jun-05 12:29
Running, swimming and diving modifies neuroprotecting globins in the mammalian brain_ Terrie M Williams et al_ ProcRSocB 2..>295.6 KiB2013-May-08 23:36
New biotechnological applications of coconuts_ Jose O Bustamante_ 2004.pdf440.3 KiB2013-Apr-23 16:46
A dictionary of behavioral motifs reveals clusters of genes affecting Caenorhabditis elegans locomotion_ Andre E X Brown_ ..>1.3 MiB2013-Apr-02 21:30
X-ray analysis on the nanogram to microgram scale using porous complexes_ Inokuma Y et al_ Nature 2013.pdf1.7 MiB2013-Mar-29 15:04
Ultrasound-mediated DNA transfer for bacteria_ Yizhi Song et al_ Nucl Acids Res 2007.pdf964.7 KiB2013-Mar-15 23:01
Caffeine in Floral Nectar Enhances a Pollinators Memory of Reward_ G A Wright_ D D Baker_ M J Palmer_ D Stabler_ J A Musta..>948.9 KiB2013-Mar-09 19:19
The Shape of the Urine Stream_ From Biophysics to Diagnostics_ A P S Wheeler_ S Morad_ M M Knight_ pone 0047133_ 2012.pdf728.8 KiB2013-Jan-07 21:12
Effects of Fructose vs Glucose on Regional Cerebral Blood Flow in Brain Regions Involved With Appetite and Reward Pathways..>467.4 KiB2013-Jan-02 08:01
Corals Chemically Cue Mutualistic Fishes to Remove Competing Seaweeds_ Danielle L Dixson_ Mark E Hay_ 2012.pdf469.5 KiB2012-Nov-09 05:05
Nitric oxide and mitochondria_ Guy C Brown_ 2007.pdf549.0 KiB2012-Oct-04 05:21
Bacterial Transformations_ A Teachers Manual_ Maria Rapoza_ Helen Kreuzer_ 2004.pdf1.5 MiB2012-Sep-08 02:33
Oxygen Gas-Filled Microparticles Provide Intravenous Oxygen Delivery_ Supplementary Materials_ John N Kheir et al_ Sci Tan..>483.0 KiB2012-Jun-28 12:20
Oxygen Gas-Filled Microparticles Provide Intravenous Oxygen Delivery_ John N Kheir et al_ Sci Tansl Med 2012.pdf1.5 MiB2012-Jun-28 12:19
Dendritic connectivity controls biodiversity patterns in experimental metacommunities_ PNAS-2012-Carrara-5761-6.pdf766.8 KiB2012-May-27 06:34
Extended-spectrum β-lactamase-producing Enterobacteriaceae_ an emerging public-health concern_ Johann D D Pitout_ Kevin B..>244.5 KiB2012-May-25 02:58
Curcumin_ a novel Stat3 pathway inhibitor for chemoprevention of lung cancer_ M G Alexandrow_ L J Song_ S Altiok_ J Gray_ ..>233.8 KiB2012-May-04 07:07
A Planet of Viruses_ Carl_Zimmer_ 2011.epub873.4 KiB2012-May-03 15:53
The prolongation of the lifespan of rats by repeated oral administration of C60 Fullerene_ Mislabeled Figures_ Tarek Baati..>1.7 MiB2012-Apr-18 19:05
Tritium in plants_ a review of current knowledge_ C Boyer_ L Vichot_ M Fromm_ Y Losset_ F Tatin-Froux_ P Guetat_ P M Badot..>880.3 KiB2012-Apr-08 03:38
Microdoplets in Microfluidics_ An Evolving Platform for Discoveries in Chemistry and Biology_ A B Theberge_ F Courtois_ Y ..>2.3 MiB2012-Apr-05 03:37
Electricity produced by geobacter sulfurreducens attached to electrodes_ Daniel R Bond_ Derek R Lovley_ 2002.pdf606.2 KiB2012-Feb-13 00:47
Bug juice - harvesting electricity with microorganisms_ Derek R Lovley_ 2006.pdf1.3 MiB2012-Feb-13 00:47
Violet diode-assisted photoporation and transfection of cells_ 2005.pdf130.0 KiB2012-Jan-27 04:53
Generation of Chimeric Rhesus Monkeys_ Masahito Tachibana_ Michelle Sparman_ Cathy Ramsey_ Hong Ma_ Hyo-Sang Lee_ Maria Ce..>1.6 MiB2012-Jan-06 02:07
Predator Cat Odors Activate Sexual Arousal Pathways in Brains of Toxoplasma gondii Infected Rats_ Patrick K House_ Ajai Vy..>248.0 KiB2011-Dec-09 08:05
Life at Low Reynolds number_ E M Puercell_ 1976.pdf671.8 KiB2011-Nov-14 00:20
xray-interactions_vs_body-tissues_vs_energy.png70.2 KiB2011-Nov-03 03:21
Quantum coherence and entanglement in the avian compass_ Elisabeth Rieper et al_ 2009.pdf2.8 MiB2011-Sep-27 04:48
Advances in Planar Lipid Bilayers and Liposomes_ Ales Iglic_ 2011.pdf2.0 MiB2011-Sep-15 08:43
Fusion of Biological Membranes and Related Problems_ Herwig J Hilderson_ Stephen Fuller_ 2000.pdf2.8 MiB2011-Sep-03 09:04
Nuclear Architecture of Rod Photoreceptor Cells Adapts to Vision in Mammalian Evolution_ Supplemental_ I Solovei_ M Kreysi..>2.1 MiB2011-Aug-29 02:53
Nuclear Architecture of Rod Photoreceptor Cells Adapts to Vision in Mammalian Evolution_ I Solovei_ M Kreysing_ C Lanctot_..>2.8 MiB2011-Aug-29 02:53
Nuclear gene silencing directs reception of long-distance mRNA silencing in Arabidopsis_ C A Brosnan _ N Mitter_ M Christi..>758.4 KiB2011-Aug-19 17:51
A hierarchical model for evolutions of 23S ribosomal RNA_ Konstantin Bokov_ Sergey V Steinberg_ Nature_ 2011.pdf612.5 KiB2011-Aug-06 17:55
Principles of Gene Manipulation and Genomics_ 7th Ed_ Sandy B Primrose_ Richard Twyman_ 2006.pdf5.9 MiB2011-Jul-14 05:25
RF Microwave Interaction with Biological Tissues_ Andr Vander Vorst_ Arye Rosen_ Youji Kotsuka_ 2006.pdf7.6 MiB2011-Jul-13 09:51
A monument of inefficiency_ the presumed course of the recurrent laryngeal nerve in sauropod dinosaurs_ Mathew Wedel_ Acta..>371.2 KiB2011-May-29 13:41
Thermal Biophysics of Membranes_ Tutorials in Biophysics_ Thomas Heimburg.pdf8.6 MiB2011-Apr-07 04:42
DIY_Synthetic_Biology.pdf34.1 MiB2009-Apr-27 10:50

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