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Circulators/-2020-Nov-02 20:36
Oven Magnetron as a 13cm TX?_files/-2018-Oct-08 12:00
Characterizution and Optimization of the Magnetron Directional Amplifier_ Thesis_ Mike Hatfield_ 1999.pdf155 B2019-Oct-26 12:00
Oven Magnetron as a 13cm TX?.htm4.8 KiB2018-Oct-07 15:07
Modeling and experimental studies of magnetron injection locking_ P Pengvanich_ V B Neculaes_ Y Y Lau_ R M Gilgenbach_ M C..>113.8 KiB2018-Aug-30 03:30
Frequency and Phase Locking Experiments on a 2.45 GHz magnetron_ S Y Park et al_ 2019.pdf261.8 KiB2019-Oct-30 04:30
10W Ultra-Broadband Power Amplifier_ A K Ezzeddine_ H C Huang_ 2016.pdf291.3 KiB2018-Sep-04 01:00
Additively Manufactured Anodes in a Relativistic Planar Magnetron_ N M Jordan_ G B Greening_ S C Exelby_ R M Gilgenbach_ Y..>291.3 KiB2018-Sep-04 02:50
Injection-Locked CW Magnetron for a wirelessly-powered TV_ Bo Yang_ Tomohiko Mitani_Naoki Shinohara_ 2018.pdf348.7 KiB2019-Nov-14 19:23
The Magnetron - A Low Noise Long Life Amplifier_ William C Brown_ 1990.pdf427.3 KiB2018-Aug-28 04:58
Demystifying the Magnetron Antenna Probe_ Vladimir bilik_ 2016.pdf428.8 KiB2019-Oct-31 20:48
Low-noise microwave magnetrons by azimuthally varying axial magnetic field_ V B Neculaes_ R M Gilgenbach_ Y Y Lau_ 2003.pdf453.1 KiB2019-Oct-24 09:13
An Improved Microwave Weed Killer_ Matjaz Vidmar_ 2005.pdf486.0 KiB2019-Oct-27 06:33
Frequency and Phase Modulation Performance of an Injection-Locked CW Magnetron_ I Tahir_ A Dexter_ R Carter_ 2006.pdf539.2 KiB2018-Aug-30 22:44
Development of a Pulse-Driven Phase-Controlled Magnetron_ T Mitani_ H Matsumoto_ 2007.pdf604.0 KiB2019-Oct-30 04:27
Experimental Study on Frequency Modulation of an Injection-Locked Magnetron Based on Full Wave Voltage Doubler_ Bo Yang_ T..>609.6 KiB2019-Nov-14 19:08
High-Power Magnetron RF Sources for Superconducting Linacs of ADS and Intensity-Frontier Projects_ G Kazakevich_ R Johnson..>696.0 KiB2018-Sep-04 01:33
The Magnetron as a Negative-Resistance Amplifier_ J Kline_ 1961.pdf696.9 KiB2019-Oct-31 09:54
Magnetron RF Sources for State of the Art Accelerators_ G Kazakevich et al_ 2015.pdf949.1 KiB2018-Aug-31 20:12
ATV Transmitter from a Microwave Oven_ David Pacholok KA9BYI_ 1989.pdf985.6 KiB2018-Aug-29 17:40
Magnetron and Microwave Oven Therewith_ M Higashi_ Patent US20110234093A1_ 2011.pdf1.1 MiB2019-Oct-28 01:14
Investigation of magnetron injection locking and cascaded locking by solid-state microwave power source_ Wenjie Fu_ Yang Y..>1.4 MiB2019-Nov-02 04:55
High Power Magnet-free Waveguide Based Circulator Using Angular-Momentum Biasing of a Resonant Ring_ J Neilson_ E Nanni_ s..>1.6 MiB2018-Aug-28 06:18
The Magnetron - A Low Noise Long Life Amplifier_ High Res_ William C Brown_ 1990.pdf1.6 MiB2019-Oct-31 09:51
Study on a 5.8GHz Injection-locked Magnetron for Transferring Data_ Bo Yang_ Tomohiko Mitani_ Naoki Shinohara_ 2018.pdf1.8 MiB2019-Oct-30 05:04
Magnetron R&D Toward the Amplitude Modulation Control for SRF Accelerator_ Wang et al_ 2018.pdf2.5 MiB2018-Sep-04 01:05
A High-Power 13-cm Magnetron Transmitter_ Chuck Swedblom WA6EXV_ 1991.pdf3.6 MiB2019-Nov-05 17:14
Recirculating Planar Magnetrons_ University of Michigan Research_ 2012.pptx4.7 MiB2018-Sep-04 01:07
Phase-Controlled Magnetron Development for Space Power Radio Transmission System_ N Shinohara_ H Matsumoto_ K Hashimoto_ 2..>5.3 MiB2018-Sep-01 04:27
Frequency and Phase Locking of a CW Magnetron_ Thesis_ M I Tahir_ 2008.pdf5.9 MiB2018-Sep-01 04:26
Evaluation of the Modulation Performance of Injection-Locked Continuous-Wave Magnetrons_ B Yang_ T Mitani_ N Shinohara_ 20..>6.3 MiB2019-Oct-30 04:33
Characterization and Optimization of the Magnetron Directional Amplifier_ Thesis_ Mike Hatfield_ 1999.pdf7.5 MiB2019-Oct-26 10:26
Magnetron R&D for High Efficiency CW RF Sources of Particle Accelerators_ H Wang_ R Rimmer_ R Nelson_ M Neubauer_ A Dudas_..>7.7 MiB2019-Oct-25 00:29
Satellite Power System_ SPS_ Magnetron Tube Assessment Study_ William C Brown_ 19810009965_ NASA 1981.pdf8.6 MiB2018-Aug-29 01:53

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