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A simple facility for the teaching of plasma dynamics and plasma nuclear fusion_ Dense Plasma Focus_ 1988.pdf 676K16-Feb-2012 12:50
Advances Towards PB11 Fusion With The Dense Plasma Focus_ Eric J Lerner_ Robert E Terry.pdf 143K17-Feb-2012 04:00
D-D neutron yield in the 125 J dense plasma focus Nanofocus_ M Milanese_ R Moroso_ J Pouzo_ Phys J D_ 2003.pdf 227K16-Oct-2014 18:17
DPF-in-GlowMode.jpg 117K23-Feb-2012 01:20
Demonstration of X-Ray Emission From an Ultraminiature Pinch Plasma Focus Discharge Operating at 0.1 J Nanofocus_ Cri..> 219K16-Feb-2012 13:29
Dense Plasma Focus Z-pinches for High Gradient Particle Acceleration_ V Tang_ M L Adams_ B Rusnak_ LLNL_ 2009.pdf 5M21-Feb-2012 06:04
Dense Plasmas Research in the Chilean Nuclear Energy Commision_ Past, Present and Future_ L Soto_ P Silva_ J Moreno_ ..> 588K26-Mar-2012 06:22
Design and construction of a very small repetitive plasma focus device_ S Goudarzi_ N Aral_ H Babaee_ A Nasiri_ A Esm..> 522K16-Oct-2014 19:52
Development and study of a portable plasma focus neutron source_ V P Vinogradov_ A V Nashilevskii_ V I Krauz_ G Remne..> 2M20-Oct-2014 05:46
Development of portable neutron generators based on pinch and plasma focus discharges_ L Soto_ J Moreno_ P Silva_ C P..> 74K16-Oct-2014 18:12
Dynamics and Density Measurements in a Small Plasma Focus of Tens-of-Joules-Emitting Neutrons_ Tarifeno-Saldiviaetal_..> 763K20-Oct-2014 05:53
Dynamics and Density Measurements in a Small Plasma Focus of Tens-of-Joules-Emittting Neutrons_ Ariel Tarifeno-Saldiv..> 763K16-Feb-2012 13:46
Electrical Behavior of an Ultralow-Energy Plasma-Focus Device_ M O Barbaglia_ Ho Bruzzone_ H N Acuna_ L Soto_ A Claus..> 1M16-Oct-2014 19:13
Experimental Study on the Optimization for Neutron Emission in a Small Fast Plasma Focus Operated at Tens of Joules_ ..> 1M17-Oct-2014 02:45
Fusion reactions from >150keV ions in a dense plasma focus plasmoid_ Eric J Lerner_ S Krupakar Murali_ Derek Shannon_..> 658K04-Apr-2012 15:19
Hansen_PF_Base.xls 5M16-Feb-2012 14:49
High Efficiency Plasma Focus_ Fusion And Applications_ Jan S Brzosko_ PF50-7-_03_07-CurrentTrends-bk_ 2007.pdf 2M16-Feb-2012 04:20
In situ determination of the static inductance and resistance of a plasma focus capacitor bank_ RevSciInst_ 2010.pdf 194K17-Feb-2012 03:59
Lee Code_ Dense Plasma Focus Numerical Simulation_ RADPFV5.15de.xls 3M18-Feb-2012 08:20
Low voltage operation of plasma focus_ Rohit Shujla et al_ 2010.pdf 936K17-Oct-2014 12:10
Mini-F_ A Small Plasma Focus Device_ Steven Hansen_ TBJ_ 1998.pdf 157K16-Feb-2012 14:48
Multiple pinch formations in small plasma-focus devices_ M Barbalgia_ H Bruzzone_ I Rios_ H Acuna_ J Gonzalez_ A Clau..> 187K06-Jan-2013 12:36
Nanofocus_ an ultra-miniature dense pinch plasma focus device with submillimetric anode operating at 0.1 J_ PSST_Nano..> 393K16-Feb-2012 13:13
Neutrons and Neutron Generators_ Steven Hansen_ The Bell Jar_ 1997.pdf 76K20-Feb-2012 00:30
New trends and future perspectives on plasma focus research_ Review_ Leopoldo Soto_ PPCF_ 2005.pdf 475K16-Feb-2012 14:41
Non-radioactive Source for Field Applications Based in a Plasma Focus of 2J_ Pinch evidence_ L Soto_ C Pavez_ J Moren..> 630K20-Oct-2014 05:51
Numerical Experiments on Oxygen Soft X-Ray Emissions from Low Energy Plasma Focus Using Lee Model_ M Akel_ Sh Al-Hawa..> 616K21-Feb-2012 05:51
Numerical experiments on plasma focus neon soft x-ray scaling_ S Lee_ S H Saw_ P Lee_ R S Rawat_ 2009.doc 99K18-Feb-2012 08:15
On some necessary conditions for p-11B ignition in the hot spots of a Plasma Focus_ A Di Vita_ EPJ D 2013.pdf 541K17-Oct-2014 05:27
Palm top plasma focus device as a portable pulsed neutron source_ R K Rout_ R Niranjan_ P Mishra_ R Srivastava_ A M R..> 911K17-Oct-2014 02:56
Repetitive Nanofucus_ Evidence of a neutron and x-ray emission from an ultra minuature pinch plasma focus discharge o..> 53K26-Mar-2012 06:14
Research on Pinch Plasma Focus Devices of Hundred of Kilojoules to Tens of Joules_ Cristian Pavez et al_ a54v344b_ 20..> 445K26-Mar-2012 06:16
Similarities and differences in plasma focus devices from 1MJ to less than 1J_ L Soto et al_ 2010.pdf 5M20-Oct-2014 05:42
Simulation of electrical discharge in a 3.6 Joule miniature plasma focus device using SIMULINK_ Hossein Jafari_ Morte..> 2M20-Oct-2014 20:05
Studies on the scalability and scaling laws for the plasma focus_ similarities and differences in devices from 1 MJ t..> 196K16-Feb-2012 13:58
Technology of a Small Plasma Focus Incorporating Some Experiences with the UNU ICTP PFF_ S Lee_ 1989.pdf 1M20-Feb-2012 01:53
Theory and Experimental Program for p-B11 Fusion with Dense Plasma Focus_ Eric J Lerner_ S Krupakar Murali_ A Haboub_..> 435K18-Feb-2012 22:44
Towards advanced-fuel fusion_ Electron, ion energy 100keV in a dense plasma_ Eric J Lerner_ arxiv0205026.pdf 194K20-Feb-2012 00:08
dpf_sketch.jpg 620K01-Mar-2012 06:53
nanofocus.gif 21K23-Feb-2012 00:54

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