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21:01:47, Sun Sep 27, 2020 : /rtlsdr.html/, Your

<superkuh> 15:31:22, Fri Sep 18, 2020 : Did you mean ? I don't see what FTP error recovery has to do with anything.

14:00:57, Fri Sep 18, 2020 : /library/Space/Radio Astronomy/, ?sayhttp3a2f2ftools.ietf.org2fhtml2frfc133f

19:11:27, Fri Sep 11, 2020 : /bellcop.html/, love you all guys

19:10:42, Fri Sep 11, 2020 : /bellcop.html/, hello

8:41:33, Fri Aug 28, 2020 : /library/Space/Solar Polarimeter Design/, ?sayThanksandkeepupthegreatwork21

8:09:11, Thu Aug 27, 2020 : /library/, Supimpa

4:31:14, Thu Aug 13, 2020 : /hello/?posted/, Thank you for the educational resources. Finding this website was the best part of my week. Blessings to you, webmaster

4:27:31, Thu Aug 13, 2020 : /hello/?posted/, testing humanity 123

15:18:37, Mon Aug 10, 2020 : /library/Space/Radio Astronomy/, He Chomnk

22:53:08, Wed Jul 22, 2020 : /hello/?posted/, I would like to learn some things about coding viruses and so on I'm new on this contact me via:

16:35:58, Tue Jul 7, 2020 : /library/Chemistry/, hello guys

<superkuh> 01:13:42, Fri Jul 3, 2020 : Oof. No. I am not a real hacker. I am also not a real dick. Malware is a real dick move. Please don't.

23:49:48, Thu Jul 2, 2020 : /rtlsdr/, want to discuss some business with you, if you are real Azerbaijan more people even dont listened about crypto currencies, deep web, even about famous BTC, so i dont speak about litecoin or monero etc. Even big companies dont use global cybersecurity systems, only have few fucking local it specialists and thats all. I am either not a good specialist in that since i didnt start use deep web, saw scammers, lost my last bitcoins,so started to read about mining cryptocurrencies and saw good opportunities for real big business in crypto mining malwares, just two days i have started to looking for a strong partners in these way. I have good friends in main mobile operators it structure, in very big companies where are used many many comps which can be became our friends:if you talanted ppl hacked my phone,send me adress i can present it to u with all my accountsiam interested in making big money and im not good user of all these services so pls contact me directly with email or mentioned phone

23:39:08, Thu Jul 2, 2020 : /rtlsdr/, hi.sorry.for.stupid.question are you real hcker?i wrote you before aykhan

23:30:43, Sun Jun 21, 2020 : /rtlsdr.html/, join us

2:29:11, Mon Jun 1, 2020 : /rtlsdr.html/, Hola Pizzagate anonymus

12:25:59, Thu May 28, 2020 : /library/Chemistry/, hi everyone

16:02:17, Tue May 19, 2020 : /rtlsdr.html/, please any help info plans to build a free internet acces antenna my email is

13:45:43, Mon May 11, 2020 : /rtlsdr.html/, Good moring,I'd like to negotiate a service but first I need to know your GMAT/GRE grade. I need someone to take the home version of my exam. This is my email:

20:13:13, Sun May 3, 2020 : /rtlsdr.html/, Mr.Musk work on similar tech that in yyc sometime after FFEb, Metromorphology techafghani word metrocitos. Miss V aint got tech nomore

7:42:01, Sun May 3, 2020 : /rtlsdr.html/, sorry got a lil bit stoned

7:29:59, Sun May 3, 2020 : /rtlsdr.html/, the Tech is in london ontario -----

3:15:16, Sat May 2, 2020 : /rtlsdr.html/, The tech is in calgary .................Shyla............................

20:31:54, Fri May 1, 2020 : /rtlsdr.html/, mindtechnology

<superkuh> 09:29:44, Fri May 1, 2020 : At some point I suppose I'll have to start removing all the troll and literally insane comments.

8:52:14, Fri May 1, 2020 : /rtlsdr.html/, I been through the same problems. Someone mirroring every action i was taking.I realised later it wasn't no cameras or radio tomogaphy, its a mind reading technology, where someone can read every single thogh you have and manipulate you into thinking your being watched,the tech is most likely in behind your ear or behind your neck,someones getting all these info from your brain into a computer

19:21:41, Mon Apr 13, 2020 : /library/Biology/Agrobacterium/, ?say205Cu0022onmouseoverB8Pv92865Cu0022

17:36:04, Sat Apr 11, 2020 : /rtlsdr.html/, Youronion

<superkuh> 20:01:07, Sat Apr 11, 2020 : Oh! Oops. Thanks for the note. I've fixed the line on rtlsdr.html#anotherpassiveradar.

15:53:32, Wed Apr 8, 2020 : /rtlsdr.html/, Thanks for linking my passive radar project here. Quick correction though, Ben Silverwood actually did his experiments a solid 4 years before mine- gotta give credit where it's due. -Max Manning

9:03:44, Wed Apr 8, 2020 : /rtlsdr.html/, build-gnuradio.txt

9:43:08, Sat Apr 4, 2020 : /library/Space/Solar Polarimeter Design/, ?sayCLICKHEREhttp3A2F2Fwww.talkwithwebvisitor.comtotryTalkWithWebVisitornow.

<superkuh> 10:56:20, Wed Mar 25, 2020 : Uh... yeah. It sounds like you have some mental health problems. These don't sound like radio problems. Sometimes I wonder if my friends are trolling me with these kinds of comments or if so many crazy people really do find their way here.

19:46:12, Mon Mar 23, 2020 : /rtlsdr.html/, They moved around furniture and the rcwl stopped picking up the movement. Few things led me to believe that it was not just radio tomograohy and listening device. it was vusual as well.i just dont see anything in the apartment. this has me stomped

17:51:07, Mon Mar 23, 2020 : /rtlsdr.html/, based on the last 2 years or so i began noticing upstairs mirroring my movement in my apartment. After months time of day snd night i began to realize that it just not coincidence. The persons doing dont care if i know. I suspect because there are no cameras or devices in my apartment that i can see. No evidence, sounds ridiculous to the average person. i bought an rcwl 0516 circuit board to test if something like this could work and confirm that it could pick up movements even from upstairs if put close enough. something stranged

2:46:11, Sat Mar 21, 2020 : /rtlsdr.html/, See no camera visible. Walls are white. what could technology could the people above be using to see inside my apartment/

<superkuh> 01:39:42, Tue Feb 26, 2020 : As you can see from this site of mine I do like and use HTTPS. But I think HTTP has a valuable and essential place beside it. Going only HTTPS is bad. Going HTTP and HTTPS is great. Browsers and search engines punishing, hiding, and demonizing HTTP sites in their listings or notifications does more damage than then some potential downgrade attacks.

Reliance on third parties is also a bad idea. Sure, letsencrypt is great, but it's also causing extreme centralization of the web because it's so nice. The .org situation shows that no matter how benevolent and longstanding institutions that have power will be corrupted. And no matter how "easy" it is, acme2 is not a simple protocol. There's tons of complexity hidden behind that "easy" that has to be supported over time and changing software stacks.

20:54:11, Tue Feb 25, 2020 : /blog/blog.html/, Re: web security fetishism. Without HTTPS, an adversary can man-in-the-middle your connection and do all kinds of nasty things, from surveillance, to denying access, to altering the content, to running arbitrary javascript exploits against users' browsers. Given that certbot is free and now auto-renews your certificate for you on most platforms, I can't say that it is an especially high barrier to rule out this class of attacks, which may not be a personal threat to you, but can have severe consequences for the vulnerable. And although it does require trust in a 3rd party, which is not ideal, everybody is better off with it than without it.

10:21:37, Thu Jan 30, 2020 : /library/Biology/, Thanks for sharing with us 3Ca title"D8AAD8A8D984DB8CD8BAD8A7D8AA D8B1D8A7DB8CDAAFD8A7D986" href"" data-cke-saved-href""3ED8AAD8A8D984DB8CD8BAD8A7D8AA D8B1D8A7DB8CDAAFD8A7D9863C/a3E

15:36:44, Mon Jan 13, 2020 : /library/Biology/, Thanks

4:19:30, Sun Jan 5, 2020 : /rtlsdr.html/, whatsup?

14:23:20, Thu Dec 26, 2019 : /rtlsdr.html/, hook me up with some

6:53:44, Fri Dec 6, 2019 : /library/Biology/, ?say1

<superkuh> 23:36:00, Sun Dec 1, 2019 : Yeah, the repeats are just the fault of my comment system design. I should put in an automatic de-dupe. Anyway, no, I didn't find anything better than what I discussed on the btfihkal page. I'll definitely check out proxylimitrate. Thanks. *Much later* Did you just mean a built in function and not a module? I can't find any module named that. It'd be cool if modern nginx had it built in. *Much, much later* Okay, so the key seemed to be using $server_name to set an all serer pool for limit traffic rate zones instead of by IP which set up a pool for each IP.

23:33:28, Sun Dec 1, 2019 : /btfihkal.html/, whoops, repeated visits reposts. anyways, proxylimitrate on nginx works for me

23:32:06, Sun Dec 1, 2019 : /btfihkal.html/, Any conclusion to throttling download speeds? trying to write a very slow constant downloader for mah games

19:44:30, Sun Dec 1, 2019 : /rtlsdr.html/, I like the site

21:59:19, Sat Nov 30, 2019 : /hello/, penis

4:29:14, Wed Nov 27, 2019 : /rtlsdr.html/, this is a comment?4

23:28:12, Mon Nov 25, 2019 : /rtlsdr.html/, hi.

12:25:00, Fri Nov 22, 2019 : /rtlsdr.html/, want to learn hacking

2:20:42, Wed Nov 20, 2019 : /rtlsdr.html/, Seems like a nice site, shame I don't understand any of this stuff.

16:44:07, Sun Nov 17, 2019 : /rtlsdr.html/, doPo

16:43:01, Sun Nov 17, 2019 : /rtlsdr.html/, Thanks, great content. A techological renaissance is upon us soon :

22:46:51, Fri Nov 15, 2019 : /library/, cool library

6:33:06, Mon Nov 11, 2019 : /hello/, THis iscooollllll

<superkuh> 4:40:42, Mon Oct 28, 2019 : /blog/blog.html/, I wrote a static site/rss thing so I can easily add a blog to the site.

22:08:04, Sun Oct 27, 2019 : /hello/, nice site

16:21:06, Sun Oct 27, 2019 : /rtlsdr.html/, great website

16:20:54, Sun Oct 27, 2019 : /rtlsdr.html/, hi

2:31:16, Sun Oct 27, 2019 : /rtlsdr.html/, Great site, appreciate the effor and the content. I'm sorry your subdomain system was shut down. -yeztla

21:15:56, Fri Oct 18, 2019 : /%3Cscript%3Ealert('yes');%3C/script%3E/, last one

21:05:45, Fri Oct 18, 2019 : /"javascript:alert('hi mom')/, luckily I'm 99

21:04:01, Fri Oct 18, 2019 : /%22javascript:alert('hi mom')/, another hello test again

21:02:52, Fri Oct 18, 2019 : /javascript:alert('hi mom')/, another hello test

20:52:00, Fri Oct 18, 2019 : /hello/, 3cBODY ONLOADalert28'Some characters are filtered'293e

20:49:46, Fri Oct 18, 2019 : /hello/, 3CBODY ONLOADalert'This is your browser on XSS'3E

9:15:05, Fri Oct 11, 2019 : /rtlsdr.html/, Thank you very much

8:06:05, Wed Sep 25, 2019 : /asd/, ye?posteg

8:02:45, Wed Sep 25, 2019 : /any/path/, herpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderpherpderp

8:01:40, Wed Sep 25, 2019 : /a%3Cb%3Ey/path/, brr

8:01:08, Wed Sep 25, 2019 : /any/path/, 3Cb3Ewhoo

<superkuh> 1:52:18, Wed Sep 4, 2019 : Exploitable? Nope. But you're welcome to try. You can see others have by looking at some of the comments below.

17:03:06, Wed Sep 4, 2019 : /hello/?posted/, thisisexploitable

6:19:11, Tue Aug 20, 2019 : /rtlsdr.html/, hey, I looking for information about a to atrack some radio wave, it's not a public wave but I have access to some devices which got access to this wave

2:10:37, Sun Aug 18, 2019 : /rtlsdr.html/, I am looking for information on blockinf wifi tracking

<superkuh> 12:42:22, Wed Aug 12, 2019 : I'm very aware of the creeping charlie. I got rid of it in the area of that photo by not mowing and letting the long grasses get about 12" long and keeping them like that for a couple months while manually pulling up the creepers.

18:48:08, Sun Aug 11, 2019 : /conical-spiral-antenna.html/, "Hi, in your pictures you have Creeping Charlie growing in your grass. Let me know if you figure out how to get rid of it effectively

20:09:59, Tue Jul 16, 2019 : /rtlsdr.html/, Anybody ever come across some software called the Advanced Refractive Effects Prediction System AREPS? Looking to get hold of it...

21:32:09, Tue Jul 2, 2019 : /library/, nice kb

18:19:56, Sat Jun 15, 2019 : /radio//, what is this site for?

5:25:59, Sat Jun 15, 2019 : /rtlsdr.html/, deep wed hosting of

22:29:54, Mon Jun 3, 2019 : /hello/, hahaveryfunny

1:06:01, Sun May 19, 2019 : /thisurlnamehasnothingtodowiththeactualtopicijustnameditthisforkicks.html/, hey can you mail me at about 800mhz antenna to amplify indoor signal please

18:33:49, Thu May 16, 2019 : /library/Neuroscience/Magnetic Stimulation/, penislmao

<superkuh> 1:12:52, Thu May 19, 2019 : Yes. It's possible to do so with moderate priced SDR receivers. Video of monitors, keyboard interception, etc. is a fine list of hobby and academic projects.

10:18:28, Thu May 16, 2019 : /rtlsdr.html/, Anyone know where I can find a van eck setup for capturing pc images? Is this even practically feasible?

7:15:16, Thu May 16, 2019 : /hello/, hi mom im on the internet

21:00:44, Wed May 8, 2019 : /library/, woah dude cool site

<superkuh> 9:25:02, Thu May 9, 2019 : Um, sure. I haven't personally ever decoded DAB but I think there's some japanese software out there that'll deal with it on linux.

20:41:00, Wed May 8, 2019 : /rtlsdr.html/, great work with the RTL2832U, i have a question, do you think Elonics E4000RTL2832U Software could tune DAB Radio in Linux?

9:33:27, Wed May 8, 2019 : /library/, good collection

0:14:00, Thu Apr 25, 2019 : /library/Space/Solar Polarimeter Design/, ?sayKlebebC3A4nder.

22:14:30, Tue Apr 16, 2019 : /library/, Best site ever found. Thanks

8:41:07, Mon Apr 15, 2019 : /hello/[redacted easter egg url]//[redacted comment system trigger]/, /hello/ , [ed. note from superkuh: there were thousands of other entries like this one I deleted. It's sad that a bot found the easter egg before people did.]

21:24:18, Thu Apr 11, 2019 : /library/, hihi

12:26:33, Sun Apr 7, 2019 : /library/, Thank You.

3:15:16, Sun Apr 7, 2019 : /hello/?posted/, im getting my ribs removed to suck dick yay

??:??:??, Thu Mar 25, 2019 rescued from script double run : /hello/, SSL self-signed warning. Self signed certs are better but not better than CA signed ones. That's why we have them. See SO. Self signed certs arent better than ones that are CA signed.

22:39:49, Thu Mar 14, 2019 : /rtlsdrinterferometer.html/, lol

<superkuh> 2:47:33, Wed Mar 13, 2019 : Okay, the dupes bug is fixed.

<superkuh> 9:18:21, Sun Mar 10, 2019 : Not really. But my default first try for any situation is a simple dipole cut to resonance. They really are good antennas. Much better than the size constrained antennas typically used in cell phones. So if you know the frequency of your uplink and downlink you might cut dipoles for that (ie two elements of size: 1/4*(speed of light/frequency). But it's likely that your uplink and downlink frequencies are not the same. In that case you'd want to either use a passive splitter/combiner and two antenna or make a broadband antenna like a biconical.

Of course the best way to improve reception in VHF and up is always, always, always to put your antenna up higher. It might be more useful to get bidirectional amp and run some coax up a 30ft collapsible pole or something.

re: the bug, yeah, that's because the page gets refreshed by javascript to show new comments without manual refresh and it still uses the URL that actually gets comments posted. I leave this as is because I want the system to work for people without javascript enabled. So it's only buggy for people that run javascript. I handle the double posts with a script on my end. But yeah, I should figure out something better and appreciate the report.

20:14:48, Sat Mar 9, 2019 : /hello/, BUG: messages appearing twice, I'm not entering them twice.

20:13:46, Sat Mar 9, 2019 : /hello/, A passive signal booster for GSM CDMA is what I am looking for

20:12:31, Sat Mar 9, 2019 : /hello/, s/passivley/passively/

20:11:12, Sat Mar 9, 2019 : /hello/, Can you recommend a DIY antenna for boosting GSM CDMA signal, passivley

23:19:03, Thu Feb 28, 2019 : /library/Chemistry/, hello

23:18:43, Thu Feb 28, 2019 : /library/Chemistry/, wow

13:52:55, Sun Jan 27, 2019 : /library/, HiEveryone

17:29:42, Mon Jan 21, 2019 : /library/, Thanks man

23:41:56, Thu Jan 3, 2019 : /thisurlnamehasnothingtodowiththeactualtopicijustnameditthisforkicks.html/, well

6:38:14, Fri Dec 14, 2018 : /hello/?posted/, nice library thx

<superkuh> 12:48:21, Thu Nov 15, 2018 : Uh, sorry SinBizzy, it just looks like "Lunnie Bird" stuff to me. I'm curious though: what instrumentation did you use to measure infrasound? Your smart phone cannot measure infrasound because the impedance of the mic is too high at those low frequencies. Anything you recorded that way is just random noise.

10:44:04, Thu Nov 15, 2018 : /rtlsdr.html/, NumberStart TimeStart DateStop TimeStop DateDurationFrequency HzLevelLocation: latitudelongitudeaccuracy metersMAP linkMAP image....

10:30:21, Thu Nov 15, 2018 : /rtlsdr.html/,

10:22:17, Thu Nov 15, 2018 : /rtlsdr.html/, Hello There, I'm SinBizzy and in need of Sonic Frequencies Bombardment and don't want to know what I can do about it. I have Frequency Logs with Spectrum and Waterfall Graphs. I believe that for some reason "Higher Intelligence Beings" want me IMPOTENT, which they achieved 3 months ago. I At first I thought it was a age thing, I'm 57, but I however, I could still have a organism. Several weeks ago, I noticed quite a few things change around me. I My first impression was Spirits, then my Dog "Bella" had a Entity within her, and which did Video. I believed that it was a Reptilian, but I later learned that they are emenies with the Reptilian. Around the time before my Dog incident, I downloaded a few App's to help me figure out what was going on. I should tell you that I Am a US Navy Submarine Veteran. I have many skills and abilities, so when I recorded Infrasound 2.3Hz - 30Hz repeatedly, non-stop since I begin recording. I then started researching the Hz Frequencies because I do know about Sonic Weapons, in a wide variety of Frequencies, but mainly in the 4Hz range. I have copies of logs in HTML and CSV file. Presently, the I am pulling the data apart, but I into two separate spreadsheets. If you have not written me off as a Lunnie Bird, I would gratefully appreciate any assistance you could offer. I can e-mail the data once you provide me with a address. You can reach me "".. I'm going to attempt to send you a sample of the data in the next comment. THANK YOU for your time.

23:55:38, Wed Nov 14, 2018 : /rtlsdr.html/, This

17:07:18, Wed Nov 14, 2018 : /@say/@say/@say/@say/@say/@say/@say/@say/@say/, say

9:05:18, Fri Oct 5, 2018 : /library/, does anyone have Designing the user interface : strategies for effective human-computer interaction / Ben Shneiderman, Catherine Plaisant in pdf

18:07:52, Fri Sep 21, 2018 : /library/Biology//, how i can mirror all the site ?

<superkuh> 2:40:46, Thu Sep 18, 2018 : That's not how this works. You don't need to do anything other than accept's cert even though your browser is scaremongering and saying it's bad. Making certs, or getting them from letsencrypt is something you do if you run a website.

22:12:35, Mon Sep 17, 2018 : /dev/, How do I get my hands on a certificate

20:30:23, Tue Sep 11, 2018 : /library/Tools/, c

20:26:06, Tue Sep 11, 2018 : /library/Tools/, 1' select from users--

20:25:30, Tue Sep 11, 2018 : /library/Tools/, ' OR '1'1select from users

20:24:07, Tue Sep 11, 2018 : /library/Tools/, 3Cscript3Ealert13E3C/script3E

20:23:47, Tue Sep 11, 2018 : /library/Tools/, alert1

16:07:22, Wed Sep 5, 2018 : /hello/?posted/, The Library is fucking awesome, thanks duder. You're the best

3:44:01, Fri Aug 24, 2018 : /library//, 3C/iframe3E Of course I must try to break it.

3:42:08, Fri Aug 24, 2018 : /library//, Interesting.

3:41:50, Fri Aug 24, 2018 : /library/, Interesting way of doing things.

0:23:40, Sat Aug 11, 2018 : /thisurlnamehasnothingtodowiththeactualtopicijustnameditthisforkicks.html/, k-antenna-zinc-prototypesm.jpg

0:23:35, Sat Aug 11, 2018 : /thisurlnamehasnothingtodowiththeactualtopicijustnameditthisforkicks.html/, Your message here.

1:24:17, Wed Aug 8, 2018 : /hello/, as a 91years old with my own and only IP I congratulate your quest for enlightment

1:45:29, Fri Aug 3, 2018 : /hello/, awkwardisgay

20:27:06, Wed Aug 1, 2018 : //, test

20:26:16, Wed Aug 1, 2018 : /library/Electronics/Magnetic Flux Compression/, test

<superkuh> 12:34:53, Thu Jul 26, 2018 : I am *never* going to implement search. Use google's feature.

9:03:34, Thu Jul 26, 2018 : /library/, we need search feature

2:18:25, Fri Jul 20, 2018 : /library/, does this work

6:59:48, Thu Jul 19, 2018 : /library/, Thank you

0:37:42, Fri Jul 6, 2018 : /@say/@say/@say/@say/@say/@say/@say/@say/@say/@say/@say/, say

<superkuh> 9:38:11, Thu Jul 5, 2018 : It's not possible to tell. Certainly some have been from satellite internet services.

5:28:26, Fri Jun 29, 2018 : /extrasolar/, are all the accesses recorded in your webserver logs terrestrial in origin?

12:23:09, Sat Jun 23, 2018 : /monero.html/, hyu

12:22:56, Sat Jun 23, 2018 : /monero.html/, Whatever you have to say

9:33:43, Fri Jun 22, 2018 : /hello/, People, learn MAGRAV and be FREE D

9:32:54, Fri Jun 22, 2018 : /hello/?posted/, People, learn MAGRAV and be FREE D

8:09:51, Sat Jun 16, 2018 : /hello/, Where to Start in this SIte

1:26:41, Fri May 18, 2018 : /hello/, Nice Website Bruhhh

9:05:31, Tue May 15, 2018 : /rtlsdr.html/, D0ADD182D0BE

20:36:17, Thu May 10, 2018 : /library/, "thanks 4 the pdfs"

20:11:02, Sun Apr 22, 2018 : /hello/, a who tha fuck are you, also y do i gotta b 90 yrs old imma go ta jail becausa youuu

17:03:49, Sat Feb 24, 2018 : /library/Chemistry/, Thankyou

13:09:44, Thu Feb 15, 2018 : /library/Computing/, is there anyone who have book named WHOIS Running the Internet: Protocol, Policy, and Privacy I am not able to find it.

<superkuh> 22:46:32, Tue Feb 11, 2018 : I have implemented directory size/date/name sorting now as requested.

21:46:05, Fri Jan 26, 2018 : /library/, link to download all the pdfs please

2:59:10, Sun Dec 31, 2017 : /binaries/, apparently superkuh filters underscores. Now b64 plus and slash replaced by - and ? dear leader once hacked the gibson with just four keystrokes iVBORw0KGgoAAAANSUhEUgAAAUAAAADIAgMAAADkatA4AAAACVBMVEWAAAAFBwPu8O18FYkQAAAC0klEQVRo3u3ZzWrrMBCGYQuifQrV?WjR7lXwCOy9D8T3o8DpXgXpKs?oJzhplvoW5XTeNl0-jD2Ji51JkiRJkiRJkiRJ-qURh?QMlRzM01SbsQNyFuQp6jnsEXOwIwaLdDSjTqG?APeiC5gDbkRToEy4EauzU8-BwAtuLYoeg4P2x4Pu?wf1N3BGgwS6eB1ZBLjmnEMHHQD0uZRw4J5rEbIVUwbsBRC43sCEWLOuR9wLPx6MAFAxGKlOxyBowlDAspwEAinXMKA5zmHKGQN-tQ2veQeBOfArlUkxoM-0UFmwh4DsJKIC7rG9s4eX7GNOPsc9J8Q5rFfXCvIBAybUDYz8yhCQuIod4DzkfQcJMeH-CH7YoXP4DM6Qf1ErCDz1CdMdSOcBUHUw1iE76EbAdwbYCfy6NhDwvuEjLmi6gWSHwZh89mlHgKaCgSjRvqLAvTGrB4OeUEv5k6i19wlHPynbDVz7hEgwQMBIFCJTPifIhMRgzl88YQKBW9kHq8tlw4Cc?7wGyK1PN9bIxwsAlTr2m2MAgNTzBSTAk5HTcRLzddk6iLl3XCH3o6oedWwzBhD4lEOAC1GAgFaDwW5sFBbMHXjdRocWBGg6gprwpOm5obe1aePxLwZU9AzOg2Bfht8AYN9yoS7L5QAhW14L6xuIEP0nBnTTCxPLFjzo6mWnNtfGP1wAPFl6Z9BvC7UjBoBOM1in87T0T9747Wg4rl4NRHxYOujeAROWnWzxbwchj0wZ?AwNNIPeWT9eXt15zHu1GvqMWLsZC744p1iBgZxl8AMIckQKC5pZmQgEOU17gIKG1ggGKXnMVwtqfu0POa8gkOb6l3zuoAWAikHaA-arhQKaiei2lrfxNyGjBaQGWgRorGEKcfXi9Bu?nD5AyAfFqTvwNA6qA-QdKQsAp3sQcNR2OrYynRlEdFwcQGAf0k64VPUkSZIkSZIkSZKkX9g?UMjSs9-4t08AAAAASUVORK5CYII

1:56:04, Sun Dec 31, 2017 : /randomstring/, testing a theory

22:58:02, Tue Dec 26, 2017 : /library/Light/, A light in the dark.

<superkuh> 14:26:39, Sat Nov 18, 2017 : Commenting from the Tor hidden service address is now fixed.

<superkuh> 22:43:16, Tue Nov 12, 2017 : I'll look in to a solution integrated into the directory listings. For now there is 7 day and 31 day recently added pages and the RSS feed.

19:09:16, Tue Nov 7, 2017 : /library/Space/, anyway you can incorporate a sorting function for most recent literature upload? thanks

17:55:30, Wed Oct 11, 2017 : /library/Can someone please tell me where to download andreas schmidt's kostenrechnung?

21:46:31, Sat Oct 7, 2017 : /hello/?posted/, I'd recommend searching through library genesis, also called libgen.

18:50:34, Sat Oct 7, 2017 : /hello/?posted/, Looking for higher maths for beginners by Ya. Zelchovich. Any resources please?

1:30:40, Fri Sep 8, 2017 : /hello/, Thank you for sharing. Namaste

15:55:33, Fri Aug 25, 2017 : /library/, Very interesting and useful library, TYVM

4:43:22, Sun Aug 6, 2017 : /library/, Heil Hitler

13:28:22, Wed Jul 12, 2017 : //, hmmm

13:27:23, Wed Jul 12, 2017 : /hello/?posted/, hmmm

18:59:27, Tue Dec 20, 2016 : /library/Computing/, how do i contact you require some of the books and not able to download them some of them went missing off the list while i was browsing when i refreshed the page thinking it might work after im new here im sorry you could drop me a mail at (private) at (private) dot com dont know if special characters work here please get back to me asap

7:34:29, Mon Dec 19, 2016 : /rtlsdr.html/, build-gnuradio2.txt

15:07:42, Sun Nov 6, 2016 : /library/, Fellow Hudson Bitcoiner here saying Hello

1:32:44, Fri Oct 28, 2016 : //, woowhoo

12:32:11, Sat Oct 15, 2016 : /library/Biology/, the links are working good just had to uninstall idm and unplug from tor thanks a lot a great ressource of knowledge

11:48:15, Sat Oct 15, 2016 : /library/Biology/, links to some books don't seem to work,anyway to get it work thx

7:05:19, Fri Oct 14, 2016 : /library/, generic insult

0:09:32, Wed Sep 28, 2016 : /library/, generic swearing

22:08:37, Thu Sep 22, 2016 : /monero.html/, Thanks for this. I was completely stuck until I found your page here.

0:48:01, Wed Sep 21, 2016 : /operadnstunnel.html/, You're silly

1:31:47, Thu Sep 1, 2016 : /monero.html/, Thanks for this. I was completely stuck until I found your page here.

20:11:17, Thu Aug 4, 2016 : /library/Physics/Particle Detection/, ?say' OR sqlspider

20:11:12, Thu Aug 4, 2016 : /library/Space/Solar/, ?say' OR sqlspider

19:07:42, Mon Jul 25, 2016 : /library/Neuroscience/Psychology/, No, all the links work. Your browser must not be able to handle spaces in file names.

19:44:24, Sun Jul 24, 2016 : /library/Neuroscience/Psychology/, mostlinksdontwork

5:56:48, Thu Jul 21, 2016 : /dev/, hiya

3:58:42, Thu Jul 21, 2016 : /library/, Stil working

20:34:55, Sun May 29, 2016 : /rtlsdr.html/, This information was very usefull for my master thesis Thank you very much

19:33:05, Sat Apr 30, 2016 : /rtlsdr.html/, build-gnuradio2.txt

19:30:33, Sat Apr 30, 2016 : /rtlsdr.html/, build-gnuradio.txt

3:22:44, Fri Apr 15, 2016 : /rtlsdr.html/, Incredible resource, thanks 73 KG4WGN

23:49:13, Sat Mar 26, 2016 : /library/, Your message here."

11:42:25, Mon Jan 25, 2016 : /library/Tools/, Fantastic resource. Thanks!

20:46:19, Mon Jan 18, 2016 : /library/Physics/Dense Plasma Focus/, ?sayzxNYyCdX

23:40:51, Thu Dec 10, 2015 : /library/, dope

3:16:29, Sat Dec 5, 2015 : /snarfblat/,

17:07:36, Fri Oct 16, 2015 : /library/MiscText/computergameidea.txt/, This looks awesome

10:48:24, Wed Oct 7, 2015 : /library/, "Looks interesting, thanks."

21:16:22, Wed Sep 30, 2015 : /library/Electronics/, Good collection. Congrats... I need more info on K antenna please. alikorrani at yaho.

5:39:08, Thu Sep 24, 2015 : /library/Computing/, this is great-thankski

23:48:44, Wed Aug 19, 2015 : /fixed.png/, TheephemeralMrGrouchE284A2

7:30:46, Sun Aug 31, 2014 : /library/Space/Radio Astronomy/, ?sayKhoQeYvldY

2:05:46, Tue May 20, 2014 : /folded/, This is another test.

1:45:37, Tue May 20, 2014 : /rtlsdrinterferometer.html/, 3C--

7:57:03, Wed Aug 21, 2013 : /rtlsdrinterferometer.html/, Where are the fringes?

7:55:12, Wed Aug 21, 2013 : /spiralantenna.html/, Does this work with HTTPS?

5:41:58, Sat Feb 2, 2013 : /library/, Your message here.

22:15:34, Wed Jan 23, 2013 : /library/, Hi person from france. I saw you mirroring the library. Glad to be of service.

22:14:11, Wed Jan 23, 2013 : /library/Tools/, Sorry, that feature isn't public quite yet.

21:34:43, Wed Jan 23, 2013 : /library/Tools/, how to add books ?

21:33:23, Wed Jan 23, 2013 : /library/, merci

21:32:53, Wed Jan 23, 2013 : /library/, hello

14:38:56, Mon Jan 14, 2013 : /library/Physics/Dusty Plasma/, My god, it's full of stars.

16:57:42, Mon Dec 24, 2012 : /hello/, tweetgingerbreadman

3:37:34, Sun Dec 23, 2012 : /library/MiscText/, Hm...

12:54:54, Sun Dec 16, 2012 : /library/Electronics/Magnetic Flux Compression/, Larry Altgilbers is very good at mad science.

12:45:29, Sun Dec 16, 2012 : /library/Computing/, Making a hierarchical folder system for computing topics is hard.

11:51:50, Sun Dec 16, 2012 : /library/Physics/Pyroelectric Acceleration/TGS_impure_lg.jpg/, Some triglycine sulfate raw material I made for recrystallization.

11:50:56, Sun Dec 16, 2012 : /hello/, Is this thing on?

11:36:02, Sun Dec 16, 2012 : /photos/summer_to_winter_to_spring.jpg/, It even works for arbitrary files.

11:32:12, Sun Dec 16, 2012 : /spiralantenna.html/, You can comment on individual pages as well.

5:05:28, Sun Dec 16, 2012 : /library/MiscText/, Yay, it works.

5:05:04, Sun Dec 16, 2012 : /library/MiscText/, Okay, let's try that again.

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